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Reply #90 on: August 24, 2022, 12:50:55 pm
The RE UCE 500 (UCD 33) carburetor is the key component. In India there has been others that swapped a UDC 33 carburetor from a 200cc motorcycle( because it was cheaper) , however the jets, needle and the emulsion tube is completely different and they have had nothing but trouble getting the UCE500 to start or run right.

Thanks for the help and pointers. I've priced tge parts up at around £400 shipped to UK,  so I might give this a go when funds allow.
My goal is simplicity.
With the EFI gone I can remove much electronics, wiring, sensors, relays, fuel pump etc.
I'm not a Luddite.....I like FI in the right application, and have other bikes and cars with it fitted. In pre-greta applications, it works very well. It's emissions regs that are the problem, not FI per se.
The Bosch system on my 93 Merc 190 is  superb, for instance, and far superior to any carb.
Also, the carb(s) on my 2000 Suzuki XF650 were an absolute car crash......way too lean and encumbered with "the gubbins", a cheat to get through noise tests. Also, 2 carbs on a single. Why?
But.....not on a Bullet, thanks. ;)
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Reply #91 on: August 28, 2022, 12:10:43 am
I've got an asbo. It came to me with an Amal and the engine tuning gear, valves cams etc. Only time I ever checked  was  over the Cambrians to Aberaeron, thought I'd better get some fuel and it didn't  take a gallon, so somewhere close to 90mpg.
Fuels well too. I can sort Amal jetting. I don't  have a smart phone, and  yes it's legal and yes the fuel tap is useless.  Probably the reason it was cheap.


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Reply #92 on: August 28, 2022, 11:20:37 pm
After reading the different threads here on this conversion I too have done this to my 20211 C5.
Photo from 1/2 way through the fitting.
Very small hesitation right down low on the rev range. I have done no fine tuning of the carb yet. But the small hesitation is very very brief. No more rough running up top end. Does need a bit of choke to get it to run when cold. I am more than happy with this EFI delete and Amal carb conversion. This is a very good bit of kit.

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Reply #93 on: September 19, 2023, 08:28:46 am
Does anyone remember what the base jet settings were in the vm32 carb conversion kit for the classic 500?
2011 uce classic 500,  carb converted !