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on: February 21, 2021, 07:10:58 am
This forum doesn't have a lot of feedback - but just wanted to review my recent upgrade.

I find my hands go numb riding, and along with gel gloves I wanted to upgrade my seat and passenger pillion to the RE Touring models. Their site goes into detail about the 'mesh' weave and how it distributes weight etc.

I'm in Asia, and contacted 3 different RE stores in various countries around me, as well as the main RE website asking where I could buy these and officially (after a month) never got a response from any of them. This is par for the course for RE.. Worst customer service I've experienced - hands down. But am in love with their bikes!

Anyway, lots of sellers on ebay, mostly from India - but I wanted genuine parts (wanted that magical mesh).. So ended up buying from Hitchcocks in UK and shipping it over. Shipping wasn't cheap - the two seats and shipping cost somewhere around $280 USD..

Seats have a great diamond pattern, and some nice eye candy to add to the bike. It was a bit of a pain to swap them out, but I was putting a leather tank bib on at the same time - so it all worked out.

After a week of riding I can safely say I feel no difference what-so-ever from the stock seats to the newer ones. My GF says the same. No additional comfortable on short rides, and we did a few 3hr runs with the same sore butt / lower back. Literally, when you put them side by side and compare.. Same same.

Wish RE had just said we're selling a diamond version of the seat and then that's all I would have expected.

On the upside, I now have two spare seats to play with, I might try to find someone to put in a gel insert and do some custom leather covers for them.

But if your looking for a 'comfort' upgrade (over a visual one) - skip the Touring seats.

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Reply #1 on: March 01, 2021, 06:32:34 am
Well, RE is producing bikes and their seats for 120 years now and had a lot of time to improve them.
But it looks like that most of the people think that the last new model has to be the best as it is the latest model. Often new developments are a back step compared to proven designs and only following main stream or being a fad.
I also was unhappy with the stock seat and pillion and made some tests how to improve the comfort. First, I swept back the handlebars a little bit, so the wrists and lower arms are in line when sitting on the bike.
Next, I exchanged the driver’s seat and the pillion seat. I choose RE seat from the late 70’s and made adaptor brackets to fit them on my 2107 C5. Even there is less upholstery compared to the factory C5 seats they are way more comfortable.
The factory driver seat comes with nice looking springs, but they are not more than a fake. The seat’s front fixing is a square bolt in a spare hole in the mounting bracket. The spare hole is located in a bushing surrounded by some rubber to act as a damper and allow a very limited movement, so the springs cannot do their job the way they should.
As part of the adaption of the mounting brackets to fit my C5 I modified the front fixing and manufactured a new round bolt. The springs are the stock ones and the whole seat can swing now and do what it looks like. That greatly improved the comfort. The pillion seat has a fixed mounting (no springs), but I swapped the rear dampers for classic looking Hagon dampers which are fantastic and a great improvement regarding driving behaviour.  So even the pillion rider is happy.
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Reply #2 on: March 24, 2021, 10:42:52 pm
I must say there are lots of seats on eBay but have no idea what they are like, but quite a variety for sure, l do so like those 500s l might get one if l get the cash, probably a pre unit construction so l can have a trip down memory lane when l used to ride British singles, the one in the photo looks a nice well kept bike.