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on: January 23, 2021, 02:10:42 am
Hi, I’m looking to get some vintage enclosed rear shocks to replace my standard 320mm on my classic 500.
I’m hoping to also lower the rear guard 20mm. Has anyone done this with success? If so is it a straight swap out or do I need to change someone else to fit a 300mm shock?


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Reply #1 on: January 23, 2021, 01:14:55 pm
The topic of Wassell brand Girling-style oil-filled shocks (specifically 12.9 inch/~328mm) recently came up on the Forum here: I didn't comment on the "quality" of them in that thread because I'd never used them, never knew anyone who had, nor could I find much "out there" in the way of reviews about them--just a few scattered references here and there in Norton and Triumph forums. Attitudes about them there generally seem to vaguely range from "good enough" to "don't last very long" to "you get what you pay for." Girlings were once fitted to pretty much every British bike in their heyday as OEM equipment, but ceased production some years back.

Wassell is a fairly venerable and reputable supplier of aftermarket and other motorcycle parts, gear and other accessories. I have recently read they're now Britain's largest. They rather recently cut non-exclusive deals with both Lucas and its subsidiary Girling to manufacture and sell repros of their wares under license. Others may be familiar with Wassell's Amal Concentric carburetor knockoffs happily used by some on this Forum, which are rather less costly than the Amal versions. A big Amal Concentric fan myself from long familiarity and their utter simplicity, I'd have no qualms screwing on a Wassell carb.

A bit of rummaging around turned up these shrouded Wassell 11.9 inch (302 mm) ones, Manufacturer Part No. WW60088, on UK's eBay at:, with even cheaper ones for just £49 plus shipping at:

I cannot say if they may be suitable for your intended application, or even assure you that they may be any good, but at least the length seems about right for what you've mentioned. Given their low price and my own "undemanding" following-Grandma-to-the-Doctor riding style, I might well give those Wassell licensed Girling repros a whirl some day. After all, my Norton's still happily wearing shocks scavenged from the hulk of some UJM that had been shoved off onto a Texas creek bed, so they'd probably be an "upgrade".
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