Author Topic: Double Head Steady Mod On Classic 500  (Read 831 times)

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on: November 27, 2020, 07:50:07 am
i thought of this idea a while back and have used it on 3 bikes in total. it appears to work well. i first started off using just one but one day i ordered two and was surprised how welll two did the job much better than one. just my thought there but i guess it held the rear head more stable.
sure they are 30 quid a pop but in reality they worked fine and did something compared to other methods i tried which did very little.
no they done cure the bike but they help.
plus i did a mod to handlebar vibration too which also worked and worked well which i can honestly say i have never seen anywhere in the world and never reported anywhere on any forum. its a first
i plan to clip it on the tube later.


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Reply #1 on: November 27, 2020, 04:38:35 pm
Thank you for the video wildbill.


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Reply #2 on: January 25, 2021, 11:09:01 am
Hi Bill,

Thanks for this post, i am looking to do the double headsteady modification you have documented, for reference do you know what length of bolt you fitted to accommodate both headsteady's?  I understand it it is an M8 x 1.25 pitch but i wondered what length you used as you mentioned it was in your opinion too long, so i would look to get a shorter one.



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Reply #3 on: January 25, 2021, 12:00:41 pm
I like to maintain a steady Head...

My latest is an adjustable one from a Harley Police bike. A few $s from junk yard.

It is installed on my 2013 c-5   you can set the preload .


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Reply #4 on: January 25, 2021, 12:30:45 pm
You should use a DIN 931 Screw (with shaft). M10x90 and M8x85. And then cut them down to 76mm

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Reply #5 on: January 26, 2021, 12:29:54 pm
Thanks for the info. all very helpful.