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on: November 22, 2020, 05:23:12 pm
           As soon as the '08 arrived in my garage on a pallet (first owner) I realized that "Hey. That's a really fine finish on that gas tank"! I had watched all the videos of the way they were being built in those days and especially the guys hand pin striping the tanks like Indian von Dutches. Better. And they did a beautiful with that tank. I was very impressed.

            So. Yesterday I watched a lot of Indian videos and Indian/Royal Enfield videos. I noticed that at the new factory, the hand pin stripers are still doing the tanks. More robots are doing things, but there are still a lot of Employed People and you can see that they are very serious about their work. I see they now use tank and fender covers to protect that still soft clear coat.

            I tried for a long time to buff out the marks left by removal of the OEM tail light. No luck. That clear coat is still quite soft in the factory.

             So. Watching the gas tanks of the new ones made think, and here's the query part of this rambling, what was the paint used in 2008. Was it lacquer, urethane? Good question for the Real Purveyors of Seriously Esso Tarick Info-mayshun  :) :)   

             Oh! And I saw (for the first time) that some of the tanks now actually get completely buffed out by guys who seem to be doing a really excellent job.

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