Author Topic: Workshop manuals now available online, Himalayan model included  (Read 1065 times)

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Workshop manuals are now available online :) We have spent a lot of time and effort to source almost the entire range of workshop manuals produced for Royal Enfield motorcycles, right from 1945 up until the present day. We have copied all of these older styles to a digital format to go along side the newer models, and have listed these on our website as a free of charge download for all. 

So, whilst paper copies are still available to purchase for the older models, we now have PDF versions of all workshop manuals (both Redditch and Indian built). These can be accessed via the “Information and Forum” section on the Hitchcocks website, or by using the direct link below and selecting the relevant bike model:

Interactive parts books for the Himalayan:

Hopefully, this readily available source of technical information will be a useful asset to owners, or perhaps just an interest point to see other models.

Hitchcocks Motorcycles
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Great Job,

Thanks a lot


Toni (a brandnew REH owner  :D )


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