Author Topic: Part # 148395 - parts for RE Twin side panel?  (Read 173 times)

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on: October 15, 2020, 02:53:11 pm
I lost my right hand side panel last week and I'm trying to acquire the parts to replace it.

I've go the side panel, bracket and the combo lock set on order, which I thought was all that was needed.  That was until I found out there was no hardware included. 

I'm now on the hunt for the hardware.  Grommets, screws and what not.  I originally reach out to, but they didn't respond.  I then reached out to Hitchcocks, who is telling me they have all the parts except for a zero priced part 148395.  This makes no sense to me.

To me, zero priced means FREE.  What is it about this part that makes it free, other than not having it in stock to give away?

BTW, what is  Is that Royal Enfield itself selling parts direct to consumer?