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on: September 09, 2020, 02:44:34 pm
I've been looking for new boots and gloves for riding and it seem the styling of the Royal Enfield products are just what I'm looking for.

Anyone know what the quality is like?  Are the worth the cost?

For example, there's the Huntsman boots in leather...  are they true to size? double stitched?  How think are they? And jackets.... how are they?  The one I like is $300+ delivered to the US and it's not something I can easily exchange or return. Is the quality good?  How's the fit?

Thank you


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Reply #1 on: January 04, 2021, 07:59:54 am
I just saw your post. I’ve had a pair of RE Huntsman boots for about a year now and I really like them.  They are true to size and of good quality, I was pleasantly surprised. The leather bits did need a good greasing when I got them, as it was a bit stiff. I think I paid $129 with shipping from eBay and I was happy with the price. It has a lot of canvas so they are only good for dry days.

 As for RE’s jackets, I have two of them, a Royal Enfield Explorer V2 that the zipper broke first time I wore it. For a jacket that has body armor and a zip out winter liner is not bad for $159. It also has rain protection.  I’ve wore this jacket for two years and it still looks okay. The second jacket is a Drifter V2 that was a gift. One snap was broke new when I got it.  I was able to fix it myself but I’m very handy fixing small things. The leather is very thin but it looks good. Would I pay $259 for this? NO! But that is just my opinion. If you order a RE jacket they come in Europe sizes. That means if you ware a Large order llX. Yes order two sizes larger the what you normally ware.

I also have a pair of RE leather/canvas gloves for summer riding. I don’t remember the the model name but I’ve have had them two seasons and they still look good and fit good.  They also  fit true to size.

I hope this helps.
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