Author Topic: Save me from selling my E5 Bullet!  (Read 5592 times)

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Roy L.

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Reply #45 on: October 28, 2019, 05:10:18 pm
Thanks Bill!
That megaphone might try the patience of my excellent neighbours somewhat.
I think it might also interest every police patrol within half a mile!
Thanks for the spark plug recommendation. That I certainly will check out ;-)


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Reply #46 on: November 01, 2019, 03:25:23 pm
Are you sure it wouldn't be easier just to fit a carb? I got fed up of my C5 stuttering in the cold weather and, given the choice of paying quite a lot for a PCV or a fair bit less for a Hitchcock's carb conversion, I chose the latter. Out of interest I changed back last year, then remembered why I put a carb on in the first place and re-fitted it. I have three exhausts, including the original, and can easily change them with a bit of carb adjustment. I've kept all the EFI stuff in case the law changes here eg they start requiring emissions testing as part of the annual MOT but really I've never had a single issue since I converted it. Given the increasing amount of ethanol in the fuel here I do turn off the fuel supply as I near home and then let the float bowl run dry so that the carb doesn't get bunged up if the bike is unused for a while. I'm not saying that the EFI is bad per se and the majority of owners happily run around with standard exhausts and inlet with no issues from the EFI but my C5 never ran particularly well with it. Nor am I a Luddite - generally I prefer EFI. I've remapped my Triumph to suit the free flowing exhaust and intake, using free software that I also use to service it. It now runs really well and fuels superbly from ticker to WOT. The EFI on my later Honda is way more sophisticated and trouble free. For me though, a simple single cylinder bike runs perfectly well on a carb. Just saying...
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Reply #47 on: November 01, 2019, 11:48:22 pm
  With a bit of checking around on the Internet. One might find that prices have come down quite a bit for PC-V's and an  Autotuner AT-200  for the UCE's.   The price difference  NOW , between a full Carb conversion  vs sticking with  EFI and a fuel controller are pretty darn close .  The difference in installation of the two options are probably on par with each  other ...  Some plugs to plug in and wires to attach , and a threaded bung welded on your head pipe with a PC-V and an auto tuner.  Vs cables and hoses and clamps on a carb and etc.   The PC-V and auto -tuner wins hands down IMHO , because it is infinitely more tune-able , more accurate , and easier to tune then a Carb could ever be.  Easy to set up with a lap-top or PC with very basic computer skills.  And once set up.. it will adjust automatically to what ever intake ,or exhaust mod you put on that bike .   There will be no guess work involved and wondering about your plug color at what throttle opening and etc.   It will just adjust your fueling to the air fuel ratio that you want, after a couple/few rides of the bike.    And SO much more should one want to use the other features on the PC-V with more advanced mods.    Tuning with Fuel injection , you are tuning to the actual and exact air fuel ratio in every throttle position and RPM range.    It is sooo easy now , it is like cheating.... 

  An example below of target air fuel ratio's that I have found work well on these bike's.  This is with our 10 % Ethanol fuel that we have here in the States.  93 octane Shell super.   YOUR local fuel may vary.  Try getting this accurate with a Carb .  ;)   

 And BTW, if one DOES adjust their fueling in this manor , like you see in the example.   Be mindful that the stock  EFI system cuts fuel as it's rev limit at around 5500 RPM's.  So if one WERE to tune in fuel ABOVE that 5500 RPM stock rev limit ?... One might go  BEYOND that stock rev limit.   So be careful ;) .    A stock bike with just an intake mod and and exhaust mod should not need to go above the stock limiter anyway  , as your power will likely be falling off before then.      Just because you CAN rev it higher then the stock rev limiter, does not mean you are making anymore power.   It's just a waste and over taxing you motor for no gain.   Cam's , head work, more freer flowing exhaust and intake and etc.  may justify a higher rev limit though...   
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