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on: October 10, 2018, 12:52:35 pm
I'll start by admitting to being quite fussy about the aesthetics of things - and I'd never seen a pleasing-on-the-eye solution for mounting a phone on a bike.

Especially when the phone isn't mounted there - those big cradles don't lend themselves to making the bike look good, and I don't need my phone there all the time. In fact, I only really ever would want to use it for long distance use as a SatNav.

In the car, I use magnetic mounts - an example shown below. They don't look too offensive without the phone, and I hadn't previously considered them as I was worried about the strength of the magnet not being sufficient to overcome the thumping vibration of these lovely bikes...

However, I ultimately decided to give it a go - with the safety net of attaching the phone with a few cable ties  :o

After a few hundred miles, the cable ties slipped off the phone... I nervously kept going, waiting for the inevitable to happen... but the phone didn't budge!

A few more hundreds of miles later, with speeds up to 70mph on A-roads, and around twisty, bumpy B-roads, and the phone was still there!

It was easy to pop the phone on and off the bike, rotate it to landscape or portrait... The only issue was the weight of the phone pulled the magnetic plate (to which the phone is attached) down, and around the metal globe. A little readjust whilst moving wasn't an issue, but I plan on fixing the plate to the globe with a glue to stop that happening.

Overall, I'm surprised it worked; happy it did for the ease it provides; and my aesthetically judgemental eye is eased by how simple and nice it looks!

Disclaimer - this worked for my phone, on my bike. A stronger vibrating bike, a larger or heavier phone, or a bad batch of magnets might mean it won't work for you. Try it at your peril! ;D


The globe with magnetic plate attached

The globe without plate

Example of magnetic mount