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Here's the issue, (if theres a thread somewhere that may be of help chuck it in, and bear with me, I can be a bit special)

While ago the regulator was on the fritz and killed the battery that was in the bike. It got left for a bit until I got a chance to have a poke around. There was also nothing happening with the fuel pump and nothing on the dash when the ignition is turned on except the Neutral light. The bike tries to turn over but it wont start.

That Ive replaced the regulator and battery, and all the fuses are A-OK, but still no changes on the above issues.

Looking around the web, seems relays can be a plague on these, I'm wondering if the relays are kaput, or perhaps when the bike wasn't regulating itself perhaps the ECU may have taken a beating.

Or if anyone else has any bright ideas on stuff to check it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, Ive checked the obvious, wiggled all the connectors  for anything loose, side stands not it, and kill switch isn't either.


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Reply #1 on: May 07, 2020, 11:10:01 am
G'day! Just a few thoughts on your problems: There are a couple of relays that can go crook and cause problems - the Fuel Pump relay and the Side Stand relay - both interact and can disable your bike.
Process of elimination: Main Power check - Are all of the other functions working correctly when you switch on the key - speedo/tach self test, dash indicator lights, headlamp etc and a STEADY eng/mil light? - You state the engine run switch selected to run, sidestand up. If yes to all of these then pull the spark plug and check for spark - if yes then there is a fair chance the ECU is doing its job and the main power circuit is ok so the problem is with the fuel pump or relay - are you handy with a multimeter? I can give you some simple instructions to check the relays! I am not sure if there is a tip-over relay on this model so that may be a relay/conection problem also. A flashing Mil/Eng light (or extinguished) is a dead give away. See what your investigation reveals


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Reply #2 on: May 07, 2020, 01:12:06 pm
I fear, the ECU got toasted... :(
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Reply #3 on: May 28, 2020, 08:20:36 pm
Hello - was just reading through the many comments/concerns with the stalling of these '14 Conti GT's. Trying many posts to find a response.

I own this bike, bought it used in 2017 and have been plagued with this stalling issue ever since. Of course it ran smoothly the first month I bought it. This is the only bike I've ever owned and do have fun with it otherwise, just not at idle having to blip constantly to stay alive.

Many suggest adjusting idle, may help but doesn't solve issue. Some mention it's fuel pump issue.

Worth buying into or should I just take the loss? Appreciate the info. Thanks.