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Kevin Mahoney

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on: January 02, 2016, 01:33:04 am
Cleaning up my home office and found that two pics. One is Manley Maul (my buddy) myself and Marty Scott unloading our first three RE's. We were putting them in my walkout basement where CMW started.
That particular bike was a 1998 Blue Deluxe. That was one of the most beautiful colors ever. As you might expect I should have kept it but it got sold right away.

The second picture is Marty Scott(L) who was the original RE importer from 1995-1998. I am on the right. The year is early fall of 1999. We are standing at the front door to the RE factory in India. The sign behind us which hung over the entrance for decades said "All that a mans first bike should be". Well said. I coped the sign and put it on the door at CMW but the girls in the office and my wife made me take it down. : >:(
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Kevin Mahoney