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Katie, the Interceptor went into production in 1962, unless you have a model I never heard of. They did have a 700ccRoad Interceptor in 1960  and a 700cc Interceptor S Sport in 1961. In 1962 they built a whole new ,beefier motor of 750cc for the first true Interceptor. The first year it was offered in blue was 1964and had chrome gas tank side panels with gold Royal Enfield badges, and I believe that was also the only year for the top panel of the seat being blue with the sides black. I have about every book there is on Interceptors, but you never know. I also have a book showing all the Royal Enfields ever made and there is no listing for Interceptor in the 50's. I have a 1967 Interceptor Mark 1A. It is very rare, but any Interceptor is worth some bucks. They were only made from 1962-1970. They are agreat bike to ride. I was wondering if the title says 1950's or is it a non titled bike. If you could post a picture I might be able to narrow it down.Kevin should be able to tell you more. Unless you really need the money keep it. I think everyone was trying to get a great bike for  next to nothing. In running condition they are worth about $5000 and restored will bring $10,000. Even if it is a 50"s bike and not an Interceptor its worth more than $1000, unless the thing is total toast. Don't get taken by someone thinking they can con a woman.   Hutch

Katie, now listen & relax, watch my watch swinging slowly baaack & forth, Baack & forth, you are getting sleepy, veeery sleepy, Hutch knows nothing, the bike is worthless. I will give you a thousaaand dollars because I am so nice. You should sell it & get a moped. You are very sleepy.  Sell it to me and save yourself the grief.. he he he,, Okay,, wake up now..

You want cash, check or money order?  ;D

Congratulations, not only on having that bike, but being sharp enough to know it should be kept. Best of luck to you as you go about getting it up & running. PLaces like this are so great. I hang out on this one, a Suzuki forum & a Moto Guzzi forum. They all offer a level of support that I couldnt have imagined had I not seen it.

Katie I saw your picture of the Interceptor in the gallery and after looking through my books I have come to the conclusion that your bike is either a 1960 700cc Road Interceptor, or a 1961 700cc Interceptor S Sport. They both came in red only, but like the seat covering that was probably changed. They had a speedo only like yours, but did have the small cover on the right side of the motor for putting in a tach drive. The head light bracket on yours is not correct and if you look you will probably find 2 tabs that were ground off on each fork tube cover. In stock form it had 2 round bars on each side to hold the light and was called the quick detachable headlight. The motor 692cc(700) and has 52 hp, has high compression pistons, balanced crank, racing cams,balanced clutch, and heavy duty transmission., with a single carb. Some versions were for off road use with no lights, and twin carbs, Some of them were not sold and lights were put on them for street use.These bikes were basicaly a beefed up 700 Constellation motor and had been taken beyond their structural limits, and tended to come apart if driven hard. I am not saying it is junk, very few were made and they are a rare find. The reason RE went to the 750 Interceptor was to build a better, heavier crank to hold up better than the 700cc and to end up with 60hp, and twin carb only. That is why I am quite sure you have a 700cc Interceptor. Your bike is definately worth keeping, but might be hard to find a shop manual for. I have found a parts book for mine, but not a workshop manual for all the torque specs and small details. In 1968 and 1/2 they went to a different motor yet and that manual would do me no good at all. If you find a shop manual for a 700cc it will give you the layout of the motor, but the specs will be wrong. I will come back and post a pic of a Road Interceptor and I think you will see that is what you might have, or the Interceptor S Sport. Here is the web site for Interceptor owners. This is where I will get the pic from. The site takes forever to get an answer from, but you might be able to contact the owner of the 700 Interceptor and get more info. Good luck and feel great for being one of "Gods chosen few to own an Interceptor" That is a quote from the web site I will now give you. I will come back and post the pic also.   Hutch

I just went to the site, but they have a block on taking pictures. If you go to the art(gallery) you will find at the far right in the second row of pictures a man standing with his Road Interceptor. Click on that picture and read the story. His head light bracket is not original either but if this is your bike, you have a rare one. Only 211 made. Check the serial # and if it is a VAX series "you are a winner". Only 759 of the Interceptors I have were made, making yours even more desirable.   I would love to buy that bike from you, but would never steal it like others are trying to do for $1000. If you ever do decide to sell let me know. I will leave my swinging pocket watch at home. Justin_o_ guy is always kidding. If I were you, I would restore it. It will only be worth more as time goes by. Have fun looking at the Interceptor web page and don't forget to listen to the sound bit for the Roar of the Interceptor. It doesn't really do the bike justice, but it is fun. They sound much better in person.  Ride safe and good luck.    Hutch

Katie, I just tried to scan a picture from a book I have for an add for the 1960 700cc Road Interceptor, but it looks terrible no matter how I adjust the settings. I can print it and it looks great. Don't know why it scans terrible. I planned on posting it but it looks like a ball of fuzz. I can sit hear and look at your bike in the members rides and the pic in my book and almost guarantee it to be the 1960 or 61 model. The side covers aren't shown in your pic(missing?), but other than the blue seat and blue paint it sure looks like one or the other. They did make a 700cc Galaxy in the same 2 years and it had the Interceptor motor in them, but the fenders were painted and the head light was surrounded by the big cover with built in speedo like the Bullet Classic and Electra. The Galaxy did come in Wedgewood Blue, not red like the Interceptor. Some one could have liked that color and had the Interceptor painted blue, or someone took a Galaxy and put chrome fenders on and pulled the headlight nachele off, which might explain the new headlight bracket. Either way I beleive you have a  700cc Interceptor motor in a rare bike. Don't give it away to a scammer.  If you give Kevin the frame and motor #'s , he should be able to figure out what you have.    Hutch

Hi" I found the numbers VAX 60139, will that tell me when it was made?
Thank's Katie.


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