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on: July 29, 2008, 02:16:39 pm
Being a proud new owner of a Bullet I had to ask.  Searching on the web and saw CMA and the Bonneville Bullet with Dan Holmes going after it on Sept. 2nd-7th.  Can somebody give the latest brief highlights on this.  I guess I have my favorite movies, "The Fastest Indian".  Didn't really know where to look on this site.  Did a search found more history than what's fixin to happen.  Remeber a newbie has to ask to learn.  Thanks, Eric

PS - Me being a smoker and my Bullet ever goes kapoot I can make a ashtray out of the piston.
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Reply #1 on: July 29, 2008, 02:36:23 pm
Here's the latest from his yahoo group...

Hi Fans and Friends,

It is with great enthusiasm that I am sharing that we have
finally chased off all of the gremlins and I have successfully tested
the Bonneville Bullet with all of the complex systems working. I had
a exhausting run, with multiple problems overlapping. I had some
support from Phil when he was available and was ultimately rescued by
Glen Kyle our engine builder as we discovered the timing was going
away. I was able to determine that the timing had changed and Glen
diagnosed the mag was at fault. We have a mag designed to operate the
opposite direction that the RE turns and therefore the impulses are
unscrewing the the two piece shaft and retarding the timing. Glen
was able to pin the shaft and prevent the armature shaft from
unthreading, I assumed as Phil and Glen did that this was the
solution, ironically the mag had a bad condensor and this ultimately
caused a ignition glitch and in the process we discovered a defective
plug cap. This was a very attractive NGK wire and cap and was new and
had been donated to us by a local shop called cycle works, who woulda
thought. All along we have had a erratic tach reading and I (Dan )
inquired with digitron and Hunt Magneto and Hunt said, carbon wire,
and digitron said " we do not , and have not made a tach for a
magneto for twenty years. Well somehow the digitron has worked on the
dual plug roadracer for five years but has not worked on the single
plug mag. I was at a loss, Phil more or less insisted that we
purchase new plug wires as he had done some research on Magnacore.
Heeding his advice I purchased two new magnacore super duper wires
and installed the one with great enthusiasm and immediately tested
it, to my relief it worked to the extent that we eliminated the
defective plug cap that was our original problem, however to my
dissappointment the tach problem is as bad or worse than ever. I was
somewhat exasperated and to my surprise Digitron who is a product
sponsor called me and indicated that they would consider making a
modification to our instrument that would read RPM off of the
crankshaft using magnets and said it would be fool proof, I 've heard
that before. In any event I once again picked up on the situation and
I have sent the tach back to digitron and will likely have it back
next week. I was able to determine that the engine is turning up and
is now running on gasoline. HOO-RAY !

As the story goes if it were not for bad luck I wouldn't have
any luck at all, well at least I am persistent. Phil is working on
the tail section and as luck would have it all of his volunteers got
unemployed in a recent downsizing and this has placed the burden on
Phil to complete the part himself and due to time restraints and
increased responsibilities he does not have the free time to
physically make the part so while it has caused some delays he is
making a monumental effort to overcome these obstacles and the last I
knew we are hiring someone to complete the part and I think gelcoat
or paint the tail section. I am grateful none the less as a lot of
time and effort goes into these things. Phil has been promoted and
has more on his plate than ever, this is a stressful time for all of
us and the clock is running. Back to Tuning the Bonneville Bullet, I
began testing the Nitrous and found that the fuel solenoid was not
responding and I had already replaced this expensive part once, well
Glen Kyle to the rescue, I removed the solenoid and began testing it
out of circuit on a twelve volt battery and found for sure that it
was not opening. I eventually decided although the solenoid has a
lifetime warranty that another trip to Decatur Indiana to Schnitz
Racing was looking imminent! I then decided that the time was of the
essence and I was going to attempt to repair it for the sake of time
and convenience! I began disassembly and found it required a tiny
spanner and I did not have one,. Uncle Glen to the rescue, I went to
Glen's house unannounced on a Sunday and asked for help, he
graciously invited me in and we chucked the little solenoid up in his
lathe with a collet and was able to dissassemble it just like we knew
what we were doing. IN any event long story short the solenoid
plunger did not have any travel and could not have worked as it was
mechanically stacked and the spring compressed. Well as any machinist
would do we turned .060ths off and gave the little bugger a little
clearance. I am still wondering if the tiny rubber seat swelled in
the solenoid and was caused by the rocket fuel we are running !! So
onwards and upwards , the solenoid now clicks and the fuel pumps out
in the spray bar,the nitrous vents when we purge and so when you
combine them you have a wet nitrous system! I have been working
furiously on the trailer, tuning the engine and have now began the
final conversion and frame modifications.

Phil had Symonds machine shop in Dowagiac Michigan make some
aluminum fork tube mounts for the handlebars and I installed these
today with the wonderful help from my son Nathan . We were able to
pull the bars in and streamline the grip area. I also had my team
mate and friend Ron Hollingsworth, paint the swingarm and the
chainguard with a super tough acrylic paint and I have began
installing the finished parts, the bike has taken on a new
personality and looks more refined and yet unfinished. I am hoping we
will have the new tail section in time for display at Mid Ohio, I
think there will be a lot of photo opps and interest in the bike and
would like to make a good impression! I am waiting to hear from
Johnny Soldrak as he is our rider and is currently in Norway
accompanying his daughter. He is returning sometime this week, I
intend to complete modifications to the race trailer and I am
installing some cabinets that were donated to DRS by Dave Atherton !
I was inclined to outfit the trailer with essentials but I decided to
splurge and spend the money to purchase a drum fan that will provide
some air flow through the trailer. I will likely need all the cooling
I can get with my heart condition I run out of gas pretty quickly in
high heat and humidity. Team DRS will be congregating in the pits at
Mid Ohio and we will be there on Friday for practice , and will be
racing on Saturday and Sunday barring any unforeseen complications.
This will be a exciting opportunity to see the Royal Enfield road
racer put through its paces again!

More to come as we progress!!

Dyno Dan and the Bonneville


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Reply #2 on: July 29, 2008, 02:46:53 pm
Thanks!  Me being a late comer I can only wish you sucess in your endeavors and the best of luck.  I will stay tuned.  Some body got a camera for one little shot of what's to be?  It would make reading much more interesting.
Thanks again, Eric