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Author Topic: Electronic Tachometers  (Read 3297 times)


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Re: Electronic Tachometers
« Reply #75 on: June 11, 2015, 09:46:13 am »
My EI has just 3 wires, I'll take a look and see what they are.



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Re: Electronic Tachometers
« Reply #76 on: August 26, 2015, 06:11:44 am »
So--Koso TNT tach update.  I never really had it set properly before I had to get some work done on the head, and now that the bike is back together, a few observations:

-It will indeed hold the settings without need for constant power.  Even after a few months without power, it retained the cylinder number and wave form settings.  Maybe constant power is for use with the top-RPM memory feature or something, which I've not used.

-It was only responding when set to positive pulse but with the RPM lead coming off the negative terminal, and was jumpy and obviously not reading accurately.  (Reading way higher than actual RPM).  Pierre from tech support sent me a different rev counter lead, which is supposed to attach to either the positive lead to the coil or to the HT lead to the plug.  I tried it this morning in a test run using alligator clips and electrical tape--reads even and accurate when set up off the HT wire.  Didn't read at all off of the power or the electronic ignition lead to the positive terminal. Would have preferred to set it up off the wires to the coil rather than the plug wire, but since it'll work, I have few complaints.  The way I have my harness built makes it a rather easy component to add to the mix.

-I have it mounted on a bracket to the top triple tree on my bike (taken off an Enfield Thunderbird model), not using a standard casquette, but it comes with a bar mount, too.  It's big and awkward, though.  Would work fine on most bikes if centered between the sides of an open handlebar clamp arrangement, but with the casquette that's not possible, and it would block the speedo view.  One of the smaller units might be better for handlebar mounting.

So once I have it all set up, looks like I'll be sound as a pound.
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