Author Topic: Successful carb settings redeux  (Read 18953 times)

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Reply #45 on: March 05, 2020, 03:45:26 am
Help please, trying to dial in a old model TM-32 and I'm really struggling. I have a successful pilot jet @27.5 with 1.5 turns, however I'm using a P4 needle jet with 5FP17 needle (clip in middle). No matter which main jet I run VM type 175-205 or hex type 170- 190 I can't get above half throttle without total loss of power.the best it ran to nearly full was with the 180 hex , but the pug was very lean. Checked floats, electrics are all good. On running the standard VM28 I have no problems going to full throttle (but I run out of carb for my engine)

Bike is '07 Iron Barrel 500, 0.20 overbore, hot tube removed, short bottle and intake enlarged to 32mm & polished exhaust