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Campfire Talk / H-D to cut some meat off of their 2020 bone
« Last post by Richard230 on August 21, 2019, 04:28:23 pm »
Poor H-D. Life just isn't what it used to be. Those old retired folks with the fat wallets that can pay for the big twins are starting to head for the rest home where they won't let them own a Hog. So H-D apparently needs to cut back a bit to make ends meet:
Campfire Talk / Re: Euro 5 motorcycle emission requirements
« Last post by Bilgemaster on August 21, 2019, 02:16:38 pm »


Meanwhile hang onto those AVL and cast iron Bullets as well as any Redditch RE's you might have! They ain't making any more of 'em.


Truer words were never spoken. In fact, if you've got a shed with a little space in it, I expect you could make a worse investment than mothballing some old carby Bullet in there for "later". Find some old sub-$2,000 winter bargain runner, prep it for hibernation (change all fluids including fork oil and filters, run or drain carb bowl dry, drain fuel tank, swish some motor or Marvel Mystery Oil around in it, squirt a little fogging oil or Marvel into the cylinder, remove battery, lube cables, empty a couple of cans of WD-40 or similar all over it except the saddle--use Armor All for that, slather shiny bits with Turtle Wax or similar Chrome Polish and don't bother buffing it off, set piston to top dead center and a tad to release pressure on valve springs, and just toss a cover over it [these 2-tone ones for just $14.80 delivered ain't half bad inside or out...Mine's going on 2 years of mixed use]). Roll that Bullet out into the spring sunshine again in 10 or 15 years, and I'd be astonished if you didn't at least quadruple your investment tax-free from those eager to (re)experience the visceral and elemental pleasures of a carburetted thumper so utterly lacking in what by then will be the available crop of guaranteed character-free Nanny-State-Approved rides. Hell, here in the States in just 13 years even the last of the Iron Bellies will qualify for antique plates, which'll get you off the hook forever for inspections, some taxes and all sorts of bureaucratic impedimenta, depending on locale. That'll just be another selling point. In fact, that's a pretty good reason right now to take a close look at any  nice old pre-'94 vehicles, whatever the brand or type, if your state's not too ruthless in its restrictions on usage of antique plates. Remember: EVERY  ride is a mechanical testing event!

Seriously though, why not let those cultural and political processes of pasteurization, homogenization and pussification work for you? Stop just shouting at the clouds and stow away an old Bullet for the future!

650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Crank image
« Last post by Bilgemaster on August 21, 2019, 11:32:07 am »
Is it just me, or does that lefthand face look like it was balanced by someone with one of those Harbor Freight Oscillating Multitools with a carbide grinding rasp? You'd likely find more polish on a shipwreck's binnacle. Not that it really matters, I suppose. I mean, who's gonna see it? Still...
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Crank image
« Last post by Jako on August 21, 2019, 08:48:06 am »
650 crankshaft
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Finally Interceptor650
« Last post by Richard230 on August 21, 2019, 08:02:29 am »
That may have something to do with the way the baffling in the mufflers was assembled at the factory. Perhaps the baffling in one of the mufflers is different than the other and is blocking the exhaust from blowing out of the drain hole?  One thing to check is if both muffler exhausts feel exactly the same when you place your hands over the end. If one exhaust feels different than the other then there could be a defect in one of your mufflers.  ???
Himalayan / Re: 2019 Royal enfield Himalayan New bike
« Last post by Richard230 on August 21, 2019, 07:54:53 am »
Looks nice, Bill.  How long are you planning to keep this one?   ;)  Got any trips to Papua New Guinea planned?   ;D
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Finally Interceptor650
« Last post by Roshiba777 on August 21, 2019, 07:53:01 am »
Can anyone having interceptor 650 please confirm if they also have the same issue.

Its hard to believe if this is normal then why should only the RH exhaust pipe blowing exhaust gases through the hole provided in the base of exhaust pipe and not the LH exhaust as it's also having 2 holes in the base of exhaust pipe can someone enlighten really very confused
Campfire Talk / Re: JOTD
« Last post by heloego on August 21, 2019, 07:26:12 am »
 ;D ::)
Vintage Royal Enfield/Indian / Re: Project "Abfangjaeger"
« Last post by Adrian II on August 21, 2019, 06:26:17 am »
Well, if these were to be re-used on my wife's project bike, I'd have to shorten them to match yours. Seems such a shame to chop the ends off when you can't buy them any more...

Haven't tried emotional blackmail for a while, it might succeed.  >:D 

For every wrong set of headlamp brackets fitted to a Series 1 Interceptor restoration, a cute puppy dies. :'(

No, that needs a bit more work... ;D Your call, Andreas!

Himalayan / Re: 2019 Royal enfield Himalayan New bike
« Last post by Bilgemaster on August 21, 2019, 06:17:55 am »
Not usually a big fan of black bikes (Why make yourself even harder to see?), but I like that well enough. Then again, I am presently mulling over picking up a black Moto Guzzi for about $1000 that needs some kind of driveshaft seal. So, maybe that's softened me up a bit.

You gonna lay on that special Himi worldbeater luggage too, Wildbill? Thinking of riding her back from Western Oz or just shipping?
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