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i think you should fix it up and give it...one more chance...lol if you have drama again take it out to a quiet backroad and bring out a 6 iron and bash the shit out of it...lol even enfield's deserve a second chance ;)just do it and ride on in happy mode
I suggest you choose a clutch-friendly oil (ie 4T, JASO MS-2) and then flush twice.  EBC specifically says oil choice matters.

And that's exactly what's in there...

...different oil brand could help though, maybe.
Bilgemaster -- I gained the 2010 C5 through mischance (misadventure?).  Shortly after buying my 2016 I saw a GHG post on Pete's cams which were (I assume, I never installed them) an exact match to my riding profile (45-65mph 5th gear torque on surface roads) so I bought a set.  Pete and I enjoyed a dialog which included his plans for additional 500cc upgrades but he needed a UCE C5 for development and testing.  So I bought the 2010 C5 with the intent of shipping it to him in NJ; registering it in his name; D&T of upgrades; and then selling it on.  The 2010 C5 was in super lovely condition and included a PC V (not installed) which I needed for Pete's cams, etc.  Then Pete bought his own UCE C5.  And sadly the dialog ended.:(

I can't register the 2010 C5 in CA until 7,500 miles or 10 years (Jan 2020) for emission compliance reasons and it will cost $600+ to bring it to CA in an open trailer (closed is higher).  The seller and I have both tried to find another buyer.  Lots of nibbles but if you haven't noticed the used RE UCE market is really soft (ask CMW about their recent 2012 C5 sale experience) (the Iron Barrel market, as expected, is weird) (an exception being wildbill who seems to be single-handedly supporting both ends of the UCE market, at least in Oz).

And that's why I have a 2010 C5 who's best value to me seems to be donation to a charitable cause.  The seller is investigating that now as I am for the 2016 C5.

       That Cam thread has been DELETED.     I should have done that a while ago !  :-\   Very very sorry to hear about  this current issue , and in particular the experience you had prior to this.  >:(   
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Front Brake Light Switch Retaining Clip?
« Last post by Chuck D on Today at 03:47:10 pm »
That's funny. Before I did the zip ties I tried to use a tiny self tapping screw in the manner you described with the result one might expect after I pierced the plastic switch housing with the tip of the screw. :o I was sort of on the right track tho... ::)
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Clutch cable
« Last post by Guaire on Today at 10:50:45 am »
Hey Guaire,

What model number/length/size was the Barnett you ordered? Im looking at a quality replacement myself!


Adam - Here's the URL from the store.


They are out of stock as of now.
Sorry about the late response. I was in Michigan. All I had was an iPhone and an iPad. I could read the forum, but I can't post anything with them.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Exhaust smoking at head
« Last post by ace.cafe on Today at 10:17:33 am »
I spoke with him about it.
It will be no problem taking care of it.
If I donate the 2016 C5, my plan is to bundle up all the farkles together with select components (eg, fuel pump) and hardware (eg, replace rear shock fasteners with SAE bolts and non-chrome acorn metric nuts); put them in one big box; and sell it as one item on eBay.  Donating the 2016 C5 with the trashed engine means it will be sold to a parts dealer for pennies so someone else should get the good stuff.
Campfire Talk / Re: JOTD
« Last post by chuychacon on Today at 09:26:24 am »
he must of been a joke writer for Bob Hope, Johnny Carson......etc
Campfire Talk / Re: JOTD
« Last post by Richard230 on Today at 09:02:40 am »
I picked up a hitchhiker and he said "Aren't you worried I might be a serial killer?" I said "No. The odds of 2 serial killers being in the same car are pretty slim."
A short test run after a top end rebuild ...

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