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Vintage Royal Enfield/Indian / Re: Enfield Clipper
« Last Post by Adrian II on Today at 02:21:49 pm »
this one has plunger suspension and swinging arm

Hmmm. But we're talking RE Clipper, not Ensign

Sounds like you might want to get onto the Royal Enfield Owners' Club in the UK, they can probably tell you exactly what bike you've got from some good pictures with engine and frame numbers visible.

Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Cam Swap
« Last Post by Guaire on Today at 02:10:02 pm »
I have ordered a strap wrench and a 3 jaw puller.
  In gear and holding the brake isn’t working for me.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Fork Reflectors
« Last Post by Roshiba777 on Today at 12:06:50 pm »
Even the new 650 have clear head lamp lense and fork reflectors here in India
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: New Guy. Cool Build. Lots of Questions.
« Last Post by swamp2 on Today at 11:54:41 am »
One can also find parts from US suppliers, but I'm not aware of a searchable website.
Tim is a helpful guy and a US source for parts...
Himalayan / Re: Windscreen noise
« Last Post by Ove on Today at 11:54:36 am »
Yep, worth a go.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Fork Reflectors
« Last Post by twocoolgliders on Today at 11:07:27 am »
Also disclaimer...
"non-us model shown"  (I think) or maybe no disclaimer, but non us model anyway.


The bikes featured on the US video for the new 650's did not have reflectors.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Ace GT Head Project
« Last Post by JerryGT on Today at 11:01:12 am »
Thank you all for your Thoughts and Replies.

Yes, the "ticking" could be heard louder after the installation and I think that's normal because of the higher forces in the valve train. But it didn't get louder or changed in any other way over time.
It was absolutely inconspicuous during the season, the engine ran great, I figured it out because when the oil was due to be replaced, the magnets and the old oil was full of tiny shavings.
So I removed the right engine cover and everything still looked great.
The cam wheels had sufficient play, but the bearings of the cam wheels and the inner ring of the "Carberry vibration reduction plate" showed excessive wear.

You know, I usually drive on small roads in remote mountain regions, not looking for top speed, but I love the agility of this narrow and light motorcycle and I like to drive the engine at high revs, between 4-6000 rpm with a secondary gear ratio of 17/38, this configuration with the performance kit fits perfect to my riding style here in the mountains.

Anyway, I will replace the defective parts now and have a look what it shows after another 2000 miles.


Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Ace GT Head Project
« Last Post by jez on Today at 09:13:38 am »
From what I've gleaned, setting up the backlash on these cams is critical. I suspect that's the main cause of wear/breakage when fitting aftermarket cams.
ok you said you have been on this forum begore so here is what I think-
ive had 15 C5's I think or roughly that - so on todays market the lot would equal my 650 interceptor.
in fact I ran almost 200 miles on the interceptor today.
my opinion would be -the 650 is by far the best bike ever made by enfield although I could be wrong as ive only spent $150K on them as it took a while to get a good one...LOL
saying that I have not ruled out the idea of another C5 at a later date-the trials version.
after-all the C5 is a very good looking bike and has great character but its just not as reliable as the 650
at the moment I like the idea I can point the interceptor out the road and do 200/300 klm and do it trouble free without concern
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Expected Maintenance
« Last Post by jimku on Today at 05:47:32 am »
I don't remember where I saw it or even if it's true.
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