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I have a 2018 Classic 500 that I would like to shed some of the weight of the OEM can ( silencer ) but don't want the racket of a crazy loud exhaust that I paid 300 bucks for...
I am looking for a fairly quiet aftermarket exhaust. Any one know of any?
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Royal Enfield product reviews
« Last post by darmahman on Today at 07:06:01 AM »
Has anybody found an aftermarket exhaust that is reasonably quiet? I have a 2018 C5.

Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Looking to buy a Classic...
« Last post by axman88 on Today at 06:42:11 AM »
I was looking at various printed reference materials I have collected, regarding tire pressure specs, and I'm seeing some variation.

My scan of "Work Shop Manual - Bullet" (from I believe 11/95) shows the recommended tire pressure as Front 32 psi / Rear 36 psi.   This was for Bullets with 3.25 and 3.5 x 19 tires on WM-2 rims.

I also have a print of a "Bullet Service Guide".  Can't find a date on this publication but it lists specs. for a "Lightning 535" which suggests it was from around 1999 to 2005.  This shows tire pressure for the same 3.25 & 3.5 x 19 tires and rims as wanting to be 18/28 for Solo and 20/30 for with Pillion.

I couldn't find a recommendation in Pete Snidal's manual.

My print of Royal Enfield Classic 500 Owner's manual from 2014 says recommended pressure is 20/30 for Solo and 22/32 with Pillion.  This lists the tire sizes as 90/90 -19 Front and 120-80-18 Rear.

Finally, the Haynes manual for the '09 to '19 Bullet/Classic & Conti 535 agrees with this last 20/30 and 22/32 spec, which is apparently to be applied across the board despite the fact that there is variation in tire sizes for different models.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Winter Accessories for my C5
« Last post by axman88 on Today at 05:34:15 AM »
Well that's true.  So where does one get that nipple type plug cap?

Himalayan / Re: Crush Washers?
« Last post by Enfield Pro on Today at 04:09:42 AM »
No... I don't even actually have the bike yet.  It's ordered and should be delivered to me in a few weeks.  I'm starting to amass the maintenance items I know I will need to service the new beast once I have it.

I figure if I can't find the correct washers ahead of time, I will do as you say and just wait till I do the first oil change, measure the existing washer, and try and match it with a third party washer.  I don't mind reusing it once or twice as you say, but I'd like to get in the habit early of replacing things when they should.  I just figured that one of the fine members on this forum have already worked that out and could guide me in the right direction ahead of time  :)

Mike I posted the dimensions in the other thread. The drain plug washer is 8.2 X 16 X 1
Vintage Royal Enfield/Indian / Re: New to me:1963 meteor minor
« Last post by Mike flanagan on Today at 03:34:40 AM »
Graham from OZ ,R.E owners sent me specs and an add on how the bike is supposed to look.Nice guy.
I originally was going to build an older style bullet,like A's.I found a 63 now I have to raise money to ship it.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Stock Silencer
« Last post by wildbill on Today at 01:01:19 AM »
I tried the gt -I tried it with risers and then I tried to move it ;D the style or position is not for every=one. very nice looking bike but hard on the shoulders and mine only lasted 80 miles ..I think
Hello experienced thumpers,

I have dreamed about owning a RE since a teen.
And now I am in position to buy one - but now RE dont make the real old cast irons anymore. Hence in look out for a used one with cast iron engine.

Can some of you tell if this Electra 2005 model is with the old cast iron engine?


It's an interesting specimen that's for sure. It's defiantly an iron barrel engine in the original Bullet frame. The only thing "Electra"  about it are the tins. The disc brake could have been added with Royal Enfield's kit.
Himalayan / Re: ABS or Not?
« Last post by olhogrider on Today at 12:11:32 AM »
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