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Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: AMSOIL and the UCE 535
« Last post by Richard230 on Today at 08:49:04 am »
I wonder what type of oil they use in India in their Royal Enfield motorcycles?   I bet it is not synthetic. Maybe not even multi-grade.
I'll give you mine..I took it off in favor of a screen.
I don't pretend to know the cause, but seals don't normally get mangled like that. I would be checking the shafts for breaks, or bearings/bushes in that vicinity for slop.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Clean CGT.
« Last post by Otto_Ing on Today at 07:25:49 am »
Looks good! I envy you however for the weather, so far only rain this summer for me...
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: has anyone else...
« Last post by medra42 on Today at 07:16:51 am »
Bullet Electra & AVL Models / Re: Discovered A Noise Today
« Last post by tooseevee on Today at 06:32:32 am »
If the sound is still there with the balls loaded with over a 3000 pound force on them, the balls and steering head are not the source of the sound.
If the "clunk" is still sounding the same as it did with the high load, it is something else that's making the noise.

           You keep ignoring the fact that we listened with a tube in the ear very carefully and many times up and down and back and forth on every piece of metal in the front end while making the clunk. The clunk is INSIDE the steering head.

            I'm still thinking that for some reason the slack is NOT being taken up when I torque the big nut to 55 even though I've slacked the lower flange pinch bolts WAY off every time.

            There's just no other rational explanation for the fact that at 55 pounds the steering is totally free, no resistance, no grinding, no sound at all and yet the clunk (slack) is still there when jerking up on the handlebars on the center stand. 

             I'm gonna back off the big nut later and crank it to 3 pounds and ride the bike. I am NOT tearing the front end apart. The bike has been fine on the road for over a 1,000 miles.
Bullet Electra & AVL Models / Re: Discovered A Noise Today
« Last post by tooseevee on Today at 06:21:21 am »
At 55ftpd I'm surprised it still turns.  What exactly are you doing typ produce the click while it's on the center stand?  To me it almost sounds the forks are making the noise, not the steering stem.

          If you reread the whole thread you'll see I asked the same question. It turns freely with no sounds, grinding or binding. And there's no looseness at all felt when it's off the center stand.

           If you read the whole thread, I've already described EXACTLY how the clunk is produced a number of times.

           It's NOT the forks. I've already written about my wife listening everywhere very carefully and many times with a tube in her ear (and she's no dummy). The sound is coming from nowhere in the forks. It is inside the steering head.     

Continental GT Cafe Racer / Clean CGT.
« Last post by skyfli on Today at 06:15:27 am »
Have finally fitted the Gaiters, been all over the bike.
Checked every bolt and nut.
Sorry to hear, Steve.

Are you able to post pics of the RH side with the case off?
no i haven't seen an oil seal ring.
i guess need to pull it all apart again, drain that new oil and take out the "gasket oil pump?"
im not sure where to look!
id like to know what it is soon so i can order the parts!
ill have another look tomorrow.


this might help out.

from here http://www.satelit-nikis.com/oilseals_intro_en.htm
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