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Real nice looking bike!
I note that the people whining about my 60-mile (round trip) Sunday morning ride and breakfast are all residents of the UK.  I guess they are not a happy crowd right now and would like to make sure that everyone else is as unhappy as they are.  ::)
The regulations where you live are obviously different from the regulations here. We are not allowed to drive / ride anywhere that isn't a necessity.
Perhaps the whingers should appreciate that you are not under the same restrictions as they are.

Not a happy crowd? you're damn right! weeks and weeks of cold and rain, then when the good riding weather comes - we're on lockdown  :'(

Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Modified Exhaust a Waste of Time
« Last Post by Frogman8 on Today at 06:16:27 am »
Frogman8, you ready to ride?

Is said Bungholes have been appropriately dealt with - wiped, washed or even sealed (must be painful, not to mention a bit inconvenient), I'm ready to ride any good day.
The new old G5 needs some miles on those new tyres.
Thanks for taking the time to offer that nugget up. Clearly that review was from a more heroic time of motoring, when the muffler falling off within a couple of miles of picking up the bike wasn't necessarily a deal breaker and the analysis of the vehicle in question consisted of a metric shit-ton more than just regurgitating the manufacturer's press packet.

Thanks again, Ricardo!
Ask 'em if they'd like you to mail 'em a rectal swab.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Corbin Gunfighter Seat
« Last Post by 650Dave on Today at 03:01:57 am »
First post on here but I have to ask. Who was the supplier of your bags and what kind of mounts are they attached to...Thanks...Dave
Himalayan / Re: Himalayan 2020?
« Last Post by quebbeck on Today at 02:40:21 am »
Greetings from Germany!

I bought my first motorcycle a week ago (and just registered to this forum). It is a 2020 Royal Enfield Himalayan in Rocket Red. The bike arrived at the dealership last Tuesday and will be delivered to my place  tomorrow afternoon. :-) I will post tomorrow whether my bike has switchable ABS.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Battery Issues!
« Last Post by Bilgemaster on Today at 02:08:42 am »

My 2020 has Exide...


Weird thing for me about Exide batteries is that the online reviews of them just aren't all that glowing. In fact many are downright scathing. But I must have an over-achieving "outlier" serving now as one of the two cabin batteries in my Macgregor 26X sailboat, a sort of wacky power-sailer hybrid, basically a little cabin cruiser sailboat with a whomping big (for a sailboat) 50 hp Honda outboard on the transom. The battery's one of Exide's Nautilus deep cycle line that I got well over 5 years ago when it was already over 10 years old. My buddy found it in the nice little brick shed of a place he'd just bought along with one of those little electric outboard motors, with which it was presumably intended to be used. He had no interest whatsoever in them or in the horde of hand and power tools also there and in a basement workshop, so was happy to have me haul away whatever I liked. I didn't have much faith in the Exide, but figured what the hell--that it might at least serve as a core return instead of a more "marginal" battery I might still use for something else. Turns out though it took a fine charge. I even checked it with a hydrometer, and it seemed tip-top, so into the sailboat it went, being a deep cycle and all. That was years and years ago. From time to time I check it out, add a few drops of distilled water as needed, and the damned thing just won't die. Its neighboring battery has been replaced twice, but that Exide just keeps chugging along. Granted, it's kept under fairly optimal conditions, hooked up to a 50 Watt solar panel array with a nice enough little Harbor Freight voltage controller, but still... Not bad for something I pulled off a dirt floor. Accordingly, I might not be too loathe to give another Exide a chance in my old "Iron Belly" Bullet when the time comes. Hell, with that wonky electric start now mercifully gone, I could probably get the thing started by rubbing a balloon in my hair, or what's left of it.
Well guys, I am being shamed in the BMW RS forum for being selfish and endangering the health of the public by riding by myself to Alice's Restaurant for breakfast as a way to help them stay open and as a way for me to get out into the woods and go for a ride.  (It is legal here to visit a restaurant that remains open to order takeout meals.) I note that the people whining about my 60-mile (round trip) Sunday morning ride and breakfast are all residents of the UK.  I guess they are not a happy crowd right now and would like to make sure that everyone else is as unhappy as they are.  ::)
Looking through my old magazines, I found this period road test of a 692cc Royal Enfield Constellation that you might find interesting.  It appears to be a pretty fast bike, especially for the day.   :)
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