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Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: oil cap questions
« Last post by Chuck D on Today at 10:25:34 am »
If you are just draining the oil tank and changing the filter, 1.5 liters should just about  do it assuming that you pre soak the new filter prior to installing it.
That 2.25 figure, is if you also drain the timing chest which I never do. To much of god awful mess.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Most usage?
« Last post by hpwaco on Today at 09:50:16 am »
Sounds like a great dealership!  Where are you located?
Himalayan / Re: New RE dealer in the NorthWest :-)
« Last post by Narada on Today at 09:35:02 am »
Just arrived at Seattle Royal Enfield / NW Moto / Seattle Triumph… 3 brand new Himalayans!  These were pre-ordered, so already sold (couldn’t sit on them). I did poke the seat on one with my finger though, and it felt pretty good!  They really looked great. More will be coming soon.  :)

I will be test riding a Triumph Tiger this weekend as part of a local promotion, but at $15,850.00 for the 800cc, and 21,750.00 for the 1200cc,  :o  I do believe that I would prefer the Himalayan which comes with the astonishing price point of $4,500.00  8)
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Bullet 500 downshift problem
« Last post by Richard230 on Today at 08:44:48 am »
Say, whatever happened to that viscosity-improving stuff that had to be spooned out of the can and dumped into your engine?  I recall using it in my 1962 Ford Falcon, which did seem to quiet the loose engine down a bit, even if it took an hour to drain the can.  I also used it in a couple of my motorcycles just because, according to their ads, it was supposed to improve power and do all kinds of good things.  Needless to say, it really didn't do much and now the goo is no longer on the market.  I just love engine oil additives.  :-[
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Pros and cons of removing the airbox
« Last post by Richard230 on Today at 08:38:19 am »
Arizona,  thanks for the PM usage info, will write it down as I'm 77,  technically challenged and my phone "flips".  Daughter got me this tablet which gets me to the forum.   Cheers, hp

Don't feel too bad, my phone is cradled by Snoopy, has large push buttons and is tethered to the wall in my home by a real wire - about the same size wire used by Royal Enfield to connect to their batteries.  ::)
Himalayan / Re: Poor wiring
« Last post by Mick Bailey on Today at 08:29:34 am »
I went back to the dealer today and the bike had gone, but there were two other new models in the showroom that I had a good look round. The first thing I noticed is how tidy the wiring was on these particular machines and the connectors were located inside a hefty yet flexible (slightly rubbery feel) plastic tube. None of the loom core was visible and there was no strain on the wiring.

By contrast, late last week I saw a Himalayan parked up and it had exposed wiring and a number of connectors poking out just where the wiring disappears under the tank. A similar situation to the first bike I'd seen. This bike also had badly-formed rear pannier frames with corrugations on the inside of the bends and on one side the tubing had collapsed. Being aware of this caused me to take a closer look at the frames on the two new bikes and they have perfect bends.

I don't know why there's some variation, but the new bikes I've looked over with a critical eye are excellent. I'm hoping that the bikes with the issues are just blips as Enfield gets to grips with production. In a showroom full of bikes from the main manufacturers the Himalayan stands out with it's solidity, design and impression of dependable durability. Regardless of price.       
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Most usage?
« Last post by HeartWoodPine on Today at 08:05:02 am »
Done 10,000 Kilometers on my GT in the duration of 4 months (bought it brand new) and had the following issues:
-Defective gas tank
-2 dead batteries
-4 burned brake lights (probably due to the batteries)
-6 broken spokes after 3 weeks from the date I took it out of the dealership
-Leaking shock absorber
-Horn bracket broke 5 times due to vibrations
-Instrument cluster broke once due to vibrations

The dealership handled this in a professional way and haven't said a word and just replaced all that's need under warranty. I did write an email to Royal Enfield support though and they replied that they will reach out to me but even after reminding them several times - no one reached out. This is the worst customer support I've ever seen, people there need to wake up.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Pros and cons of removing the airbox
« Last post by KD5ITM on Today at 08:02:11 am »
We are working on a new production run of the Ace GT airbox kit.

Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Replacing coil
« Last post by KD5ITM on Today at 08:01:03 am »
Thanks. I'm using the NGK spark plug. My bike doesn't have this issue all the time. It seems like it goes through phases where for a couple two or three rides in a row still have the stalling issue and then it will clear up for a certain period of time and then come back for another three or four rides in a row.
Prepped My B5 for its annual MOT.
 the front brake was sticking a bit so stripped and cleaned the sliding pins. polished the chrome and alloy parts checked oil level, horn, lights, exhaust for leaks, tyres and wheel alignment all seems good.
fingers crossed for a pass later today.....
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