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Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: The returne of the Chicagoland Fireball
« Last post by ace.cafe on October 18, 2017, 08:45:52 pm »
Nice! 8)
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: The returne of the Chicagoland Fireball
« Last post by Chuck D on October 18, 2017, 08:12:49 pm »
Sol, I couldn't be happier now if that was MY bike even.
Rubber side down brother and enjoy it cuz I know how long you waited. :)
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: The returne of the Chicagoland Fireball
« Last post by oTTo on October 18, 2017, 06:17:49 pm »
Awesome bike.  8)
I couldn't find anything easily from UK Department of Transport but I could have just as easily missed it, but the following links is where I had it in my head then that the OBD1 was a requirement.

There's this from MCN:

And from UK insurer Bennets:

Interesting reading nonetheless. I think there's a thread in Campfire as well.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Squirmy front feeling
« Last post by Carlsberg Wordsworth on October 18, 2017, 03:00:54 pm »
Wet today but didn't feel too wishy washy. Perhaps a small adjustment. Will take the screen off to see the effect (just as get I get it more or less spot on lol)

So next question. I would think that tyres for tubes are stiffer than tubeless, even if they are fitted with a tube as that would explain Avon 9for example) minimum recommendations? I know I've read somewhere that you should knock some of the speed rating off a tubeless tyre if fitting with a tube.
Bullet Iron Barrel / The returne of the Chicagoland Fireball
« Last post by solg on October 18, 2017, 02:27:33 pm »
Ok, so back in 2013 I had my 2008 Iron Barrel modified with the Ace Fireball performance package.The full Monty! Tom got the headwork done for me, Chumma worked over the bottom end, I put it all back together. All was well until the timing went way advanced resulting in me needing the barrel to be re honed and  new rings and piston. (my bad) Once it was all back together the bike started burning oil and fouling plugs. no matter what I did I couldn't get it to stop fouling plugs. This is when Chumma offered to go over the bike for me and iron things out. So I sent him the bike. While he had it though, he mentioned a new way he was truing the cranks. I gave him the Go and,am  glad I did. The crank is now trued to .001" resulting in this thing being the smoothest single I've ever ridden. He also said they started doing an upgrade on builds where he mills the timing side case to accommodate a larger, more robust bearing. The stock bearing on the timing side is a 205, the drive side has a 305. As the motor runs there is considerable crank flex. The bearings take all the lateral load. The 205 is a hair undersized and is prone to failure on these bikes. They use a very high quality 205 bearing in their builds. Still, the only fireball which has had an engine mishap was a spun 205 bearing which happened after 35k miles. The new bearing Chumma has been using is a 2205 which is deeper and rated at 34KN of load strength. The 305 is rated at 37.5KN, and the original 205 comes in at 27KN. The 2205 is a better match to offset the crank load under flex. So this upgrade went into my build as well. Now, its time to tackle that fouling issue. Im sure Chumma thought this issue was going to be easy peasy.  But much to our chagrin, the engine kept fouling plugs. It wasnt until after pulling the bike apart a few times and alot of persistence did Chumma  trace the problem to the head even though all looked well there. Well,after stripping the head, and with the help of Aniket Vardhan( yes, Chumma had recruted the help of Aniket by this time. Did I mention these guys are terrific!) I'm not sure how they even saw it but, they noticed several tiny pinholes had worn thru the ceiling of the intake port right into where the intake valve spring seats. the metal there was only paper thin! Oil was being sucked  into the combustion chamber via the rocker & valve spring area. Once Chumma repaired this area the bike went back together nicely. I,ve had it back for about a week now and I'm really impressed. It starts on the first kick. Every time. unless I chump it! (like leaving the kill switch on). when I twist the throttle,it has a honking snarl that is rather melodic! Man,It pulls like a freight train.The power that comes on after 4k rpm is surprising I have to watch it though, because before I know it, I'm going way faster, way faster! Awesome! So if anyone wants to know. Yes you can get a Bitchen Ride from an Indian made, britsh designed, antiquated, Iron barrel Bullet! Ace Engineering is the place to make it happen.Just askfor Chumma. tell him I sent you! Ive included a Youtube link if you want to see and hear what Im talking about.The sound quality is not too hot but, you will get the idea.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: HMC 612cc crank
« Last post by Adrian II on October 18, 2017, 01:50:40 pm »
That just looks like it belongs there. Nice to see what looks like one of the Ace/Otto air filters being put to good use.

Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Bluetooth ODB like interface to access the ECU ?
« Last post by Rattlebattle on October 18, 2017, 01:44:01 pm »
Thanks Haggis; that clears up the mystery for me nicely. Basically RE has (re) introduced a system similar to the one Triumph abandoned so that it could meet Euro IV. Go figure. My guess is that the RE has such a low specific output that it can still just about get past the emissions level. Most Triumph owners binned the air injection system anyway; I guess Iíd do the same if I had one on the RE. Mine runs very nicely with a carb anyway.
Bullet Electra & AVL Models / Re: Why do I have 2 air filters?
« Last post by Adrian II on October 18, 2017, 01:34:14 pm »
I have just had a closer look at your original photo (move the grey bar underneath to the right, guys), and I don't think it's an AVL or Electra model at all as I can see there is a contact breaker drive on the right hand side (not fitted to AVL type engines as these have an electronic ignition trigger on the crankshaft instead). I suspect therefore your bike is actually the 5 speed Deluxe classic Bullet with the cast iron cylinder. There is a separate section of the forum for these models (next one up on the list!), a photo of your whole bike would confirm this.

Meanwhile what should be happening is the intake breathes only through the big hole at the bottom of the chrome box and through the filter into the carburettor, which I see is an aftermarket OKO item. You need to make sure this is a very good fit where it is bolted onto the cylinder head with no air leaks.

I have not used one of these carburettors but CMW used to sell similar carbs for AVL and cast iron model Bullets, so someone here will have experience of them. The favorite carburettor here seems to be the Mikuni TM32-1 flat slide.

Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Bluetooth ODB like interface to access the ECU ?
« Last post by oTTo on October 18, 2017, 01:01:47 pm »
Thinking about this some more and not having yet found anything that explains how the 2017 models got through Euro IV testing, I wonder if they now use wide band O2 sensors that are more effective in keeping the fuel mixture at stoichmetric throughout the entire revband? I know that the l/c Triumphs that meet Euro IV cannot now be remapped (at least outside of Triumph dealers) and that they have more sophisticated catalysers in the exhausts. Also that they self-adjust to different exhausts, like modern cars. This suggests they have wide band sensors but I donít know. It could just be that the ride by wire throttles allow far more precise fuelling and ignition than do throttle cables. Whatever, they can no longer be home tuned by remappzing, which is why I went for the last of the air/oil- cooled ones. Does anyone know what RE has done to the 2017 models?

Thanks to VW everyone is now suspect. God knows why they have been really targeted, maybe because they were so arrogant? Or because they were so successful? Personally I don't care how RE succeeded making their bikes EU4 compatible, I'm glad they did though. I've not read the entire EU4 regulation, as I don't have the time nor the resources to pay a bunch of lawyers to understand it. There could be a loophole we are not aware of that made it possible for RE to pass without the gimmicks Triumph uses. It also could be possible that the low output engine is so clean that it doesn't need the extra gimmicks. I'm sure it consumes less than a Triumph, that should automatically mean less emissions IMHO.
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