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on: August 05, 2022, 04:08:13 pm
Having used a booster plug on my euro4 Interceptor I was peeved that apparently its not compatible with Euro5 and will throw fault codes. Reading between the lines on some booster plug literature it inferred that some ECUS would not throw codes with their original firmware and wouldn't until they were updated, presumably when the developers had sorted out the required code. With this in mind I decided to try it. So far, so good, no codes and works fine ! That's not to say it might in the future but I have no intention of updating my ECU firmware. My Euro5 bike is Japanese not Indian but I can't imagine that the Enfield developers are a head in the firmware game. Worst case future scenario, it throws a code. I reset it and sell the BP on to a Euro4 rider. Win,win as I see it. Perhaps we're all just swallowing the hype around this.