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on: July 23, 2022, 06:11:06 pm
I have a 2009 G5. It has a sealed beam headlight. I bought a LED headlight to replace. I have 3 wires Green (gnd) Amber (Dipped) Blue (high beam). All works fine on the original light but not on the LED. Testing each wire Green is definitely Gnd. Amber and Blue both show 12v when High Beam is on. Only Amber shows when Dipped is on. Why does the LED unit not do the same. I can put the amber on to either terminal on the LED and they both work.

The wiring diagram in the hayes manual is not clear. In that the Green does not appear to be a ground. It tests out as a ground.

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Reply #1 on: July 24, 2022, 03:25:11 am
The RE wiring diagram also says amber is the common leg (-).

With the key off, there should be about zero ohms between amber and battery negative. If there isn't, find & mark the wire that does. Find & mark Hi and Lo, they are (+) when selected by the hi/lo switch with key on.

The LED works as its factory schematic says it does. Check their website and verify their connection. Now you test the LED to verify it really works. Connect up the LED to a 12 V battery as per the manufacturers polarity to energize HI, then connect again for LO.
A this point you have a working LED "bulb", and you have also ID'd the wiring from the bike, regardless of color code, that actually performs the desired function.

If you now connect the bulb in the circuit using the manufacturers connections and bike wiring you have sussed out, it has to work. Likely if the wire color code isn't right, it either got miswired or the assembly line folks got creative on Friday afternoon.

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