Author Topic: Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Aurora variant launched  (Read 902 times)

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on: October 15, 2023, 05:28:13 pm
Pretty! ;D ;D ;D

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Aurora variant launch
Royal Enfield widened the Meteor 350 range by adding the new Aurora variant. It inclines more towards the retro side of things with components like spoke wheels, tubeless tyres, and chrome-finished engine and cycle parts. The Aurora trim comes equipped with spoke wheels and tube tyres as standard, unlike other variants which incorporate alloy wheels and tubeless tyres. To make it look more old-school, Royal Enfield has given chrome treatment to the engine, exhaust canister, and a few other components of the motorcycle. It also gets Deluxe touring seats, a Tripper Navigation module, and a new full-LED headlamp. Royal Enfield has also introduced three new colours for the Meteor 350 Aurora trim.
This new version of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 has been priced at Rs. 2,19,900 which places it in between the Supernova and the Stellar variants of the motorcycle.
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Reply #1 on: October 15, 2023, 07:36:59 pm
They could go on forever with variants of the 350 or 650 models , but I think they can overdo it .

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Reply #2 on: October 15, 2023, 08:36:04 pm
FINALLY! Glad to see one with a polished alloy engine and chrome exhaust instead of all that black coating. What took them so long?

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Reply #3 on: October 16, 2023, 08:07:34 am
Thay need a similar version for the super-meteor! The cast wheels and blacked out engine are OK but I would prefer chrome and polished engine cases
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