Author Topic: The joy of registering an old Indian export 1994 Royal end field in the uk  (Read 1094 times)

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Has anyone had experience of this?

Imported as a non runner , import  tax paid , 6 months of blood sweat and tears and now I’m hitting beeeeeeg roadblocks.

Started filling in the v355/5 and need a Certificate of Conformity is there anyway around this ? Does it need to go down the IVA or MSVA inspection route?

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Many thanks

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If you haven't already done so, contact the Royal Enfield Owners' Club ASAP, they might be able to advise.

During the 90's, official Bullet import models were shipped into the UK first through Bavnar Products, then Watsonian-Squire took over as the importers for the final years of the old model Bullets as well as the early EFI models. They might still have some paperwork that will be relevant, though as yours is a grey import they might be less interested! To be fair to them they did sell a get-your-private-import-through-the-SVA-kit of parts. I don't think you'll need the SVA test now if it's over 10 years old.

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Around 2008 I purchased an almost-new grey-imported Enfield 350 from a chap in London.  He was a Sikh businessman who traded a lot with India and as he fancied one, packed the bike into his shipping container of general goods headed for the UK.  I think he said he purchased it new for £800 in India.

Obviously, import duty and VAT bumped-up that price by about 25% then he also had to get a SVA done on the bike.  This entailed changing almost all none 'E' marked items - light lenses, tyres etc. and the speedo which was in km/h only.  Luckily the exhaust was ignored!

I bought it for the bargain price of £1100 and because it had electronic ignition as standard (unlike the U.K imported bikes) was always a great starter.

From what I hear, it is still possible to register an old, imported bike and DVLA often require you to supply a certificate from the 'one make' owners club confirming its age and specifications.  You would then be issued with an age-related registration number.  It would be worth contacting DVLA for advice (they are usually very helpful) on this as since leaving the E.U things may have changed.