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350 J Platform / Re: Heel-Toe shifter on Classic?
« Last Post by OREO on Today at 11:25:27 pm »
I'm guessing they wanted to sell me a more expensive bike. >:(
Really they didn't waste much time trying to fit me to the Classic with my work boots on.
It's ok I really like the Meteor.
350 J Platform / Re: The new Bullet350
« Last Post by Ton1959 on Today at 11:00:26 pm »
You're right there! It depends on how you define "good", of course, but my first RE - an iron-barrel - was terrible. The engine was fragile - a poor 1950s design with an electric start bodged on. Each bike sold by my dealer came with a warning about it being unsuitable for modern driving conditions, which typically involve sustained high-ish speeds. The finish on the chrome and paintwork was terrible.

The J-series is so much better it's on a different planet. Built on new, state of the art plant; a brand new engine and chassis design; and a finish as good as any, especially in the price range. You are right - they haven't always been this good.  :)

My first Bullet was a 1990 model. This was at 6000km. Changing all the bearings and valve guides and exhaust valve.The front drum was square and charging problems standaard. I did sort all the oil leaks though.
650 Twins / Re: BSA just following Royal Enfield
« Last Post by Leofric on Today at 10:48:19 pm »
BSA Goldstars (DB series), Velocette Thruxton, Matchless G80, Norton Manx and ES: all terrible motorcycles, especially if you buy into the BS from guys that never rode them. With the exception of the Manx I've ridden them all and in their day, which admittedly is long gone they were all outstanding bikes, as were most of the "cooking" versions from builders like Ariel, AJS, BSA etc. A nicely restored one is still a blast to ride.  Even Triumph built some great singles the Tiger 80 and 90 being two of the best.
So they have gone from outstanding bikes in their day to terrible motorcycles yet still a blast to ride ?!  :-\
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: External Oil Filters?
« Last Post by AzCal Retred on Today at 10:45:36 pm »
" I'm going to add an external oil filter to my project 2003 RE Bullet 500 Evolution. "
That statement implies spending money, which generally denoted a cost/benefit decision in the works. It also implies that the money hasn't been spent yet, so a request for information/opinion could be inferred. It's a mechanical modification, not a cosmetic one. Changes in the hardware are generally done with an eye towards improving the process in a measurable way. It'd be hard to quantify real long-term benefit from an external filter applied to a stock-ish engine given the limited miles-per-year most US Bullets see. Is it fun to bolt stuff on? Most definitely. Hard to put a price on entertainment. "Cheaper than going to the bar" I say! ;D
Other marques / Re: Triumph
« Last Post by Richard230 on Today at 10:03:49 pm »
Sounds expensive!   ;)
650 Twins / Re: Valves adjustment nuts
« Last Post by fireypete on Today at 09:44:18 pm »
I’ve done the clearances 3 times now and the nut has proven robust enough.
650 Twins / Re: BSA just following Royal Enfield
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 09:34:59 pm »
By "modern" I assume you mean the UCE?  If so, I totally agree - the automatic decompressor is probably the worst piece of inept engineering I've ever seen. It subjects the lifter to a really extreme acceleration and makes an awful noise.  It is crude beyond description.

I disabled mine the day after I bought it new. The UCE always starts just fine on the button, so it's quite unnecessary.*  It's very easy to disable and is easily reversed should you need to take it for warranty work. You just need to put the spring in the other way round - it becomes clear when it's in front of you.

*Some people claim that the automatic decompressor protects the starter sprag clutch from damage due to the engine bouncing back off compression when you switch it off. It's true it stops the bounce back, but loads of my bikes routinely bounce back and give the starter a kick through the sprag clutch without hurting either.  The reason the sprag clutches failed was because they were badly engineered and not up to the job. There is no other bike you can buy that requires a decompressor to protect the sprag clutch and starter motor.
Yup, UCE is what I meant. My decompressor is also long gone. The starter struggles some days but that's probably due to the battery getting tired.

Remember the Suzuki LS650 Savage? The OG 4 speed version had an issue with the starter turning backward on shutdown. The sprag was tough enough but the idler gear between the starter and sprag would smash the crankcase instead. That's how mine was when I bought it. Fixed it with JB Weld and rode it for ages. The later 5 speed bikes came with a torque limiting idler gear. It had a mechanism inside that let it slip a bit when the engine kicked back. MO for the 4 speed is stall it before turn the key off.
I don't know how much choice of handelbars you have in India, here in the UK I was able to fit a set of export Triumph (1970's style) bars, which still worked with the stock length cables and front brake hose. The bike was an 500 AVL Electra-X, which is very similar to yours.

650 Twins / Re: Best full cafe fairing?
« Last Post by NJ Mike on Today at 09:29:35 pm »
I prefer something small, just enough to take the wind off of my chest, and one that doesn't create buffeting around my head or make the bike weave at high speeds like the enfield short flyscreen.

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