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650 Twins / Re: Riding with nothing
« Last Post by Quest on Today at 04:13:12 am »
Even on long distance tours they usually travel in a ute or trailer until close to the destination.
Nah, Nah, Nah. Your not wrong but you are certainly overstating the status quo and describing just the posers.
For the record, I have never owned a Harley. 
I do a lot of long haul rides. At least one every year for the last couple of decades. I can promise you that over here, by the numbers, the majority of the long haulers are on Harley Davidsons.  I'm particularly talking about mid-week and half way across the country and with out of state plates. Next up is either Gold Wings or BMWs but still not even half as many.
So don't get me wrong, it is not my job to defend any sub-group and sometimes I make fun of the classic HD poser. I think some of them use spray-on fake bugs ....
Bullet with the UCE engine / Classic 500 roadholding questions
« Last Post by Hans on Today at 04:06:25 am »
As the bike, a Classic 500, is starting to break in, I reach higher speeds now, and with that some questions are arising.
Over 100 km/h the bike starts to weave.
At inspection I notice that when I grab the rear wheel and pull it to the left and the right, that I see the swingarm moving, enough to see the chain move as well.
So I tried to tighten the swingarm spindle nut, underneath the chrome covers, but to no avail.
The wheels ( and tires) look straight, the spokes are tight, and the bearings are ok, as well as the front fork bearings.
The weaving is not very much now, but I do not like the feeling and I am concerned that it will get worse over time.
Royal Enfield News / Re: Looks nice
« Last Post by Max57 on Today at 02:23:47 am »
Very Nice!!!!!  ;)
650 Twins / Re: Riding with nothing
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 02:06:17 am »
Where I ride there are corners so I’m not coming across Harleys very often
Even on long distance tours they usually travel in a ute or trailer until close to the destination.
535 Continental GT / Re: Ace GT Head Project
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 02:03:03 am »
A year and a half has now relapsed. Did this new head reach production status and if so, can it be ordered?
Easiest and quickest thing for you to do would be to take your head down to your local performance shop and have them clean up your existing head. Tidy up the ports, match them to the inlet and exhaust, get the insulating spacer fitting properly and pop in a stainless exhaust valve.

It won't make it into a Ace head but you'll notice an improvement.
535 Continental GT / Re: Ace GT Head Project
« Last Post by Softlysoftlycatcheemonkey on Today at 01:50:44 am »
    Greetings from Johnson City, TN. I'm glad the Ace company still keeps tabs on this forum. Your posts going through the lifetime of the Continental gt 535 ( and other models ) helped a late arrival like myself picture what I'd do with my 2015 model, bought new in March 2020. "The world's more interesting with you in it". Someday I'm going to make an airbox with a foreward facing air intake, but back to this thread.
    For clarity sake I think you're stating that the aluminum billet head you designed ( the original subject of this thread ) is out of production, and that you're not commenting on the Clubman Kits ( reworked stock heads ) numbers 1 and 2 that have been offered more recently. A person dropping in late might be confused, but please correct me if need be.
    P.S. an overwrought airbox from the rear right.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: External Oil Filters?
« Last Post by stinkwheel on Today at 12:43:32 am »
Oh, and if you want a magent, Mr H does a big donut-shaped one that fits over the bolt in the standard filter housing.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: External Oil Filters?
« Last Post by stinkwheel on Today at 12:40:45 am »
Personally, I think you're fixing a problem that isn't there. Something else will let go before you wear out engine componants with small particulates.

My 350 did pushing 80k miles before a valve head came off and trashed the top end. The crank bearings were still in good order but it had a loose drive shaft which had wollowed out the hole in the flywheel so I had to get a recon crank. Otherwise I'd still be using it. It was run on cheap high detergent diesel car oil for the most part, or whatever i happened to have lying about. There's better places to spend your money.

Bullet Whisperer put up some pics of a bullet race bike where they'd cut off the oil filter housing and welded in aplate with spigots to connect to an oil cooler and remote spin-on filter.

Even then, it was more done to remove the filter casting so they could fit the motor in a Norton frame than for the filter.

More pics in the thread:

350 J Platform / Re: Question regarding the Classic Reborn style.
« Last Post by Max57 on Today at 12:28:46 am »
What a great, great story and part of your life you shared with us! I was very moved because of the fact it gave me a glimpse of a sensitive point for you. You are searching for a number for your license plate and it's not just about a number. There is a whole depth behind your search. That's what I find among other things the interesting part of the forum members, not just the problems / mods of their bikes but the "why" they have chosen those bikes and "why" they do the things / rides with it. And in your case, the number on a license plate.

I have never been a forum member in my life, can't exactly tell you why but I never felt safe enough to share and write down my "things". Now I'm not only happy to be one but also proud to be a member of this family! In India Royal Enfield is a culture, I can understand why. It's not just the bike, it's the magic behind that bike. And I think, everyone of this forum, has that same magic feeling.

Thanks again for sharing Max57 and I hope you will soon be together with your beautiful bike (I think they all are by the way) and in company/harmony of the perfect and magical license plate you ever wanted!   

Just a little piece of my history: My grandfather, he was French and fought in WWII in an American uniform because the French army had surrendered so early, did D-Day to Berlin in that uniform (and he was very proud!!), he always told me it was the best uniform ever. And he too brought some questionable souvenirs back home. Funny isn't it. Maybe that's why my spirit likes the bike so much.....who knows.... 

Take care Max!

Thanks so much for your interest in my story and for providing such an uplifting response. I got a real kick out of your comment as per your grandfather also bringing home some "questionable" souvenirs, lol.

Now for a short announcement,,,,,,. (drum roll) lol. ;D

Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking a 3-hour drive to my nearest Royal Enfield dealer to finally order my "Signals Marsh Grey Reborn Classic 350"!

I've already had quite a few telephone conversations with the staff who are very friendly and supportive. A real Mom & Pop atmosphere. They also told me they'd have coffee ready for me when I arrive, lol. Looking forward to the trip!  ;)
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: External Oil Filters?
« Last Post by Dave1 on Today at 12:01:24 am »
I have to disagree with your opening line. "A filter on the external oil line just purifies the rocker arm lubricant".

By fitting an external oil filter as well as using the original RE felt oil filter, you are taking out the bigger particles with the original RE felt oil filter and the smaller particles with the external filter. Atleast by having the external oil filter fitted the small particles are being taken out of the oil, even if the external oil filter isn't in the most optimal place, although Paul Henshaw ( Bullet Whisperer ) did come up with a way of fitting a paper oil filter to his 500cc racer in the optimal place because of limited frame space, which is mentioned in another thread on these forums. By not fitting the external oil filter those smaller particles just keep circulating, causing wear.

Whilst its a 1930's design and it is what it is. We can't reinvent it like you've implied in your response AzCal, but we can improve upon it. With regards to the metal gauze strainers ( I really don't like to call them filters  ::) ). Adrian did come up with the idea of drilling and tapping the strainer plugs and adding powerful magnets.

My take is less contaminates in the oil equals less wear. No matter where the external oil filter is placed in the loop.
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