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535 Continental GT / Re: Thoughts on performance cam
« Last Post by bthtony55? on Today at 09:08:11 am »
The pushrods will need to be shortened by the amount you machined off the barrel for best results. You can sink the stock pushrods deep into the lifters, but there would be more risk of lifter pump-up causing damage.
You want about half of a mm preload into the lifter, so the hydraulic function can work correctly with no concern about lifter pump-up problems.
The squish mod requires that the piston comes up flush to the top of the barrel at TDC. It cannot be down in the bore at all, and it cannot stick up out the top of the bore. That establishes the squish distance as the thickness of the head gasket, which is normally about 1mm thick which is a good squish distance. Failure to establish correct squish distance can negate the benefits if piston doesn't come up close enough to the head, or the piston could touch the head if it comes up out of the bore. Get it flush at TDC and you're good to go.

IMO, the factory UCE does not benefit well from the one-tooth inlet cam retarding because the overall duration is short and it loses too much overlap on the inlet side and pushes the lobe center too much later for my preference. It does give a top end boost from later inlet valve closing timing, though.
If you want to try it, retarding the cam(up to one tooth) is quite safe to do without risk of clashing any internal parts. Personally I think that it shifts it too far, so it's not my cup of tea. But BW seems to like it.

Thanks ACE. While I have the top off is it worth changing the std valves especially the exhaust for Hitchcocks better quality ones. Or are the std ones ok. Im not after huge performance just making mid range running more efficient. Any other little tweaks while the tops off like clean the inlet port up a little and unmask the valves in the combustion chamber?. Just appreciate you thoughts with your experience.
thanks. Tony
350 J Platform / Re: Would an Enfield fit me?
« Last Post by Royal Kiwa on Today at 08:52:26 am »
Thank you,so I'm not TO tall....
350 J Platform / Re: Dealer Performance.
« Last Post by Ivy on Today at 07:23:07 am »
.............The tappets were too tight so of course they could not rattle but they could hold the valve open and burn it out...........

Loud valves are happy valves,.
Well maybe not loud, but slightly audible.
650 Twins / Re: Dude, Harley bros get…..
« Last Post by AzCal Retred on Today at 07:15:57 am »
I commuted in my Scion xA for awhile between Bishop and Needles. I'd take the 168 over from Big Pine to the 266 in Fish Lake Valley, then on past Lida Junction and on to the 95, then south to Lost Wages, Nevada. Westgard Pass above Big Pine is maybe 20 miles of incredibly beautiful, fabulously twisty dry grippy asphalt about 100 miles from the nearest hospital. Have fun but be aware. One trip I spotted an unloaded semi-tractor rig about half a mile ahead around a few curves. Out of boredom I decided to give chase and picked up the pace. About 5 minutes later I'd gotten within maybe 200 yards, a lot harder than I'd imagined; that semi was hustling. We were in a canyon, not possible to pass, so I watched the semi driver's cornering technique. He was drifting both the truck & trailer thru the curves. He'd set up, toss that rig sideways and power thru. Unbelievable. I'm sure he'd probably been thru that canyon a thousand times, likely his Daddy was buying the tires, but it was impressive to see. On a straight stretch he slowed and waved me by, playtime over for now.

The point here is that fun is where you find it. It really doesn't matter if you are grinding chrome off of the undercarriage of your luxo-touring bike or you are picking clean lines with your 350 Meteor, if you are enjoying yourself that's all that matters. That amazing semi driver was having a ball in 80,000 pounds of iron. Quantified speed is part of the race track experience, streets and highways are for traveling. If you can manage to make it entertaining without endangering others, more power to you.
350 J Platform / Re: Dealer Performance.
« Last Post by Dexter on Today at 06:49:11 am »

The Northern Hemisphere folk can now get envious as we are just getting into summer.

Enjoy your summer!!  :'(
350 J Platform / Re: Dealer Performance.
« Last Post by Electra Steve on Today at 06:43:13 am »
Hi. I bought my Stellar from one of the dealers in Adelaide, South Australia. As soon as I got it home I went over it and checked everything. Mostly OK.
At the first service I asked how the valve clearances were. They said they do not check on the first service as they are usually OK and they can't hear any rattles. The word 'usually' did not inspire my confidence. At home I whipped the top off and checked. The tappets were too tight so of course they could not rattle but they could hold the valve open and burn it out. Piece of cake to adjust properly. Checked more. The oil was over filled so it was a bit of fiddly suction to pull some out.
I won't be going back.
I have now fitted an adjustable linkage on the gear change, a rack and panniers and a sheepskin seat and have a great bike that performs as well as my old Electra but has nice touches like tubeless tyres.
Happy with the bike ; unhappy with the dealer.
Enjoy yours. The Northern Hemisphere folk can now get envious as we are just getting into summer.
650 Twins / Re: Dude, Harley bros get…..
« Last Post by Karl Steel on Today at 06:41:28 am »
Wanna bet ?  :D  Tail of the Dragon. 318 curves in 11 miles.  I had my mufflers dragging. Never left 2nd gear. Came out of curve WFO and used decomp to slow down.
You can go fast with almost any bike, there are scooter and bagger races, and these guys ride like hell.
But that doesn't mean it's fun to everybody.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: AHRMA trials
« Last Post by darmst6829 on Today at 05:39:47 am »
Or let's try what I have and see how it goes.
650 Twins / Re: Dude, Harley bros get…..
« Last Post by StefArmstg on Today at 05:30:46 am »
That's an unnatural act on a Gold Wing.
Campfire Talk / Re: More Ukraine war fallout
« Last Post by GlennF on Today at 04:08:03 am »
This guy (Ukrainian Boeing 737 rated airline pilot)  does good daily updates of movements down to the brigade level (in Eastern Europe brigades are 2 or 3 battalions).

Towards the end he climbs into a (non flyable) TU-95 and does a walk around of the cockpit.

With respect to the recent airfield attacks, these seem to have been targeting ammo dumps and fuel and any damage to TU-95 was fortunate collateral damage.  To put the three allegedly damaged TU-95 in perspective:
  • the TU-95 has been out production for over 30 years
  • there were about 80 TU-95 still around by the late 90's.
  • Russia had about 50 and Ukraine had about 25
  • Ukraine traded three back to Russia as part of a gas deal and then later destroyed the rest to keep the US happy 
  • Russia currently has about 55 of the things still operational.

This means if Ukraine has actually taken out 3 x TU-95 they have destroyed 5% of what Russia had left.
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