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Ian T

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on: November 20, 2023, 01:36:45 pm
Hi everyone

I have posted in the UCE sub forum and had some wonderful advice back, I could not have asked for more and it has been so informative.

Based upon it I decided that a UCE was the best way to go for me.

However, the other day I was weak and lured into the Royal Enfield dealership by voices in my head and before I knew it I had brought a Classic 350 all shiny and new, I pick it up on Wednesday.

Also as advised on the other sub forum, why would I want two similar bikes, I hadn’t thought of that but it is very true.

I have set my heart on getting an older Royal Enfield so I have been looking about how to make the 500 a bit different more in the form of a cafe racer.

Found lots but the sum of the parts far exceeds the final bike and anyhow I rather like to tinker and make things my own rather than just bolt on kit parts.

So I have now happened upon the Continental GT 535 and thought where have you been all my life. So if I may just a couple of questions to start me off:

Are the engines the same as the 500 except for the bore increase and I presume a larger throttle body.

The frame is obviously different and again I presume fixing points.

Apart from that and aside from the bolt on bits like tank, side panels, seat etc are they pretty much the same as a 500.

As I haven’t seen nearly as many for sale I don’t want to get into the area of rarity of parts etc.

Just love em, just gotta get one and a great big shout out of thanks to those on the other sub forum that were so fantastic in their patience with me and the depth of their replies.

I’m in UK by the way.




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Reply #1 on: November 20, 2023, 05:11:10 pm
Hi Ian.

The motor has a few upgraded bits but is the same. Mostly head and barrel subtleties and a lighter crank. The frame is the same, afaik, and I presume was used in the 650 development as the engine compartment is a bit larger than the 500 motor would demand.

They won’t make another bike like it, judging by the industry climate. Happened once. Prices plummeted when the 650 GT came out but seem to be rebounding as the people who shouldn’t have owned them pass them on to those that deserve them.

If the ‘value’ dropped to zero and I had to ride one forever I wouldn’t be disappointed. Get one while you can.

I’d have a 350 as sensible shoes if I didn’t already have that covered. What ‘colourway’ did you buy?

Ian T

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Reply #2 on: November 20, 2023, 05:59:06 pm
Hi and thanks for getting back.

Funny every review or comment by an owner or previous owner is mega positive and all the reviews by ‘professionals’ knock it. Must be a great indicator it is indeed something special.

I hope to get one as soon as possible, and everyone see for sale is in great condition. I was rather looking for one that I could tinker with as I m a tinkerer, but hey if it’s got to be a nice one then so be it.

I have chosen the chrome bronze one or that’s what I think it is called, I went in for the red chrome but the dealer who was the first down to earth one I have ever met and he is an ex racer looked at me and mumbled something about too much bling. So bronze it was.

I can see how the new bike would have effected the price when it came out, all the ones I am looking at appear to be around the 2.5k mark but then I have only just started looking this last couple of days.

Got me some cash hidden in the shed so all should be cool.




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Reply #3 on: November 20, 2023, 08:24:54 pm
What Beeza said. The engine is about the same. 35cc extra, 1mm bigger exhaust valve, lighter crank and bigger throttle body is about it.

The rest of the bike is nothing like the 500 Bullet. different frame, wheels, suspension, brakes. But, very similar to the 650 bikes.

I have the same feelings toward mine as Beeza does: couldn't care less what the value is. It's my go to bike and I love riding it.

Go and get one. It's a fun bike.
simon from south Australia
Continental GT

Ian T

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Reply #4 on: November 21, 2023, 07:59:53 am
Thanks and I am that.

Getting one as soon as I can, not a lot for sale against the 500’s but I presume not as many made.

I’ve put a few wanted adds in the UK Facebook things and got markers on all the other usual suspects, so hopefully soon I will be getting one.