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650 Twins / Re: BSA just following Royal Enfield
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 08:32:48 am »
RE Bullet had a decompression lever on the handlebar. It just lifted a little valve on the head... made it a doddle to manouevre the piston into the right position to kick over.
I'm not sure if modern Bullets have them. Mine was '94.

Modern Bullets have a decompressor built into the exhaust cam operated by springs, ramps and bobweights. There's a boss cast into the cylinder head where the second spark plug would be placed, that a few Bullet owners have drilled out and fitted the type of poppet valve decompressor you describe. This is after they've ditched the cam decomp because of the godawful clatter it can make.

My old DR250 has a handlebar mounted lever like your old Bullet. It's timed to be released automatically by the camshaft as I imagine the Panther system does. Or I can hold it in manually to kick the engine over or bump start if it stalls.
350 J Platform / Re: Question regarding the Classic Reborn style.
« Last Post by Pjer on Today at 07:08:13 am »
Ha Max!

Congratulations with your really beautiful bike!!
Enjoy the ride to the dealer, the coffee (and the cake?)! When will you drive "her / the lady" home?
Are you going with your Chevy?
Tip: make a lot of pictures! Always fun having the possibility to look back, and for us too  ;D

Take care!!
350 J Platform / Re: Ceat tyres tramlining quite badly
« Last Post by Neil Samui on Today at 06:22:02 am »
Thanks Neil, that's encouraging.

I actually swapped them out this morning for the Shinko E705's that I bought previously, and not because I didn't like the Metzeler's, it's just our rainy season has kicked off and our roads aren't that good at the best of times, but now they will be covered in sand and gravel washed down by the rains and I prefer some more aggressive tyres. I would have liked to fit some Pirelli MT60's like I have on my Triumph, but sadly not available in our size.

650 Twins / Re: BSA just following Royal Enfield
« Last Post by iblastoff on Today at 05:34:18 am »
Maybe a picture.

New Honda CB350

i just rode the similar honda gb350 in japan. super fun!!!!!

650 Twins / Re: New Triumph 400
« Last Post by iblastoff on Today at 05:28:37 am »
oh damn.
theyre doing a thruxton 400 too!!!
650 Twins / Re: Riding with nothing
« Last Post by Quest on Today at 04:13:12 am »
Even on long distance tours they usually travel in a ute or trailer until close to the destination.
Nah, Nah, Nah. Your not wrong but you are certainly overstating the status quo and describing just the posers.
For the record, I have never owned a Harley. 
I do a lot of long haul rides. At least one every year for the last couple of decades. I can promise you that over here, by the numbers, the majority of the long haulers are on Harley Davidsons.  I'm particularly talking about mid-week and half way across the country and with out of state plates. Next up is either Gold Wings or BMWs but still not even half as many.
So don't get me wrong, it is not my job to defend any sub-group and sometimes I make fun of the classic HD poser. I think some of them use spray-on fake bugs ....
Bullet with the UCE engine / Classic 500 roadholding questions
« Last Post by Hans on Today at 04:06:25 am »
As the bike, a Classic 500, is starting to break in, I reach higher speeds now, and with that some questions are arising.
Over 100 km/h the bike starts to weave.
At inspection I notice that when I grab the rear wheel and pull it to the left and the right, that I see the swingarm moving, enough to see the chain move as well.
So I tried to tighten the swingarm spindle nut, underneath the chrome covers, but to no avail.
The wheels ( and tires) look straight, the spokes are tight, and the bearings are ok, as well as the front fork bearings.
The weaving is not very much now, but I do not like the feeling and I am concerned that it will get worse over time.
Royal Enfield News / Re: Looks nice
« Last Post by Max57 on Today at 02:23:47 am »
Very Nice!!!!!  ;)
650 Twins / Re: Riding with nothing
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 02:06:17 am »
Where I ride there are corners so I’m not coming across Harleys very often
Even on long distance tours they usually travel in a ute or trailer until close to the destination.
535 Continental GT / Re: Ace GT Head Project
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 02:03:03 am »
A year and a half has now relapsed. Did this new head reach production status and if so, can it be ordered?
Easiest and quickest thing for you to do would be to take your head down to your local performance shop and have them clean up your existing head. Tidy up the ports, match them to the inlet and exhaust, get the insulating spacer fitting properly and pop in a stainless exhaust valve.

It won't make it into a Ace head but you'll notice an improvement.
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