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Tech Tips / 350 Bullet Alternator connections
« Last Post by ajb235 on Today at 11:20:55 am »
I have a 1979 Indian home market 350 Bullet. It has AC lighting.
The alternator has 3+wire, red, green and white. The wiring loom has 3 wires for the alternator, green white, green red and green black.
Which wires on the loom connect to the wires from the alternator?
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Chopper Frames?
« Last Post by Haggisman2 on Today at 10:54:27 am »
That blue abomination should be deleted from existence!
Campfire Talk / Re: Cataract blues
« Last Post by GlennF on Today at 10:12:35 am »
Their Professional Indemnity insurance company would make them do that.

Of course their insurance company is not worried about customers suing they can out spend most people in court.

What those clauses are for is if the customer has insurance and their insurance company sues.
Campfire Talk / Re: Cataract blues
« Last Post by Karl Childers on Today at 09:54:04 am »
Be sure you read and understand EVERYthing you sign before cararact surgery. If your eye sight is worse or you have continuous problems AFTER the surgery that you didn't have before, everything you sign protects the doctor & the corporation he works for. Not you.

This is what passes for medical care in America today, pharmaceuticals too. When I was a builder my contracts should have read: If your new house falls down don't come crying to me, it's not my fault. And possibly: Your results may vary. I recently had a root canal and crown done, my little local dental empire had every disclaimer in the book for the work done! ::)
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Chopper Frames?
« Last Post by Yinzer on Today at 09:29:47 am »
Oh, that's vile.

Someone should buy it and put it out of its miserly  :-[
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Chopper Frames?
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 09:17:09 am »
Oh, that's vile.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: 505cc warm over
« Last Post by Mr_84 on Today at 08:27:00 am »

So I’ve just got back to tinkering with the Enfield, fitted the H’s advance springs as per KCs recommendation and a new complete points plate (mine still looked like new ).

Also fitted to the TM 32 a P4 needle jet and the 6DH4 needle as from Streetkleavers findings and all is well.

But wanted to change the fuel tap for a more free flowing one , not so easy on the later model Bullets . I may have to take the tooseevee path drill and tap  :o anyway here’s a couple of pics , any tips? , the thread on the fitting from the tap is not 1/4” it’s smaller to the point even the filters won’t go up in it, looking like the tooseevee method might be the only way forward, what do we think ?

535 Continental GT / Re: 4-Valve Head Kits Released.
« Last Post by StreetKleaver on Today at 07:52:57 am »
Keen to see the dyno results.

A little on the expensive side. But definitely unique.
350 Meteor/Classic / Re: Meteor wanna be...push me in!
« Last Post by Ivy on Today at 07:50:48 am »
I also have a Moto Guzzi, a Nevada Classic and I have had but now sold a Vulcan S.

The Vulcan was much more powerful but the fueling on and off the throttle was terrible, like an on/off switch and the seating position was too cruisery for me. You can not brace against the foot pegs on a rough road.
The Moto Guzzi is very comfortable and also a lot more powerful than the Meteor. Moto Guzzis are great bikes but probably not ideal for an inexperienced owner.

All said and done the Meteor is just so easy to use day to day and on our minor country roads is perfect (I'm in rural UK)

I think a Meteor is right for you if you don't need 70+ MPH.
350 Meteor/Classic / Re: Meteor wanna be...push me in!
« Last Post by Dexter on Today at 07:46:52 am »
Welcome to the forum SwiftyMorgan!

All good and valid comments posted so far.

That's a well thought out plan for what your preferred riding style, weight considerations, seat height, handling and power needs would be. My reply could be lengthy, but I hope it helps.

First of all, I applaud you for having the foresight to get enrolled in advanced rider training courses. The more you know and practice certain skills, the better rider and the safer you will be. Having done all that myself in my early riding years, progressing to an instructor, it is the best money you can spend, not counting the motorcycle and proper riding gear.

I have the Stellar Blue Meteor you are considering. I will tell anyone that it is a great little bike. It impresses me with the torque, as you accelerate through the gears with a bit of gusto. It is very peppy for a 350 single! Top speed, is, as mentioned here often, around 75 mph, on a flat, with no headwind, but it can get there quickly.

 You said: "I'm drawn to the agility of making the machine do what I want, when I want" 

This is one area where you may be disappointed with the Meteor. I have long enjoyed riding twisty mountain roads, or even flat curvy ones. Having overextended myself a few times on the Meteor now, wearing metal off of each peg feeler and once when something hard rubbed the road and very momentarily lifted the rear wheel off the ground, you have to be mindful of that limitation. The bike is so light, compared to what I had with my 700 pound ST1100, that it flicks over too far very easily.  :o  Might have been the muffler that dragged, but I could find no mark.

So if you hope to enjoy bending 'er over through some twisties, the Meteor may not be your best choice.

Most cruiser style bikes have limited cornering ability, but you seem to have a preference to the cruiser riding style. If you can live with that, until you possibly progress to something faster and sportier, the Meteor suits that to a tee. The low seat height and around 425 pounds would suit you well. The handle bar is well positioned (haven't heard any complaints), so you aren't leaning forward.

The Meteor is a breeze pushing it about, forwards or backwards. That is also a learned skill that you will improve on and heavier bikes would be no problem, depending on how old and decrepit you are now.  ;)  ;D

The seat should be fine for planting feet on the ground with your short inseam, but, you may have already been taught to support the bike when stopping with only one foot down, the left foot, keeping your right foot on the brake pedal. This goes a long way to learning slow speed balance and will make you a better rider. It is also how you could more easily handle a bike with a higher seat too, if you only need to put one foot down. Of course, you can always toe tap the right foot too, should your balance go off momentarily.

I had a look at the Vulcan S specs and it looks like a whole lot of bike at a reasonable price with a very low seat height, a lot more HP than the Meteor and capable of over 100 mph. Its price is very close to the Honda CB500X, which will also do the ton, but with an almost 5 inch higher seat. The seat on the Vulcan looks quite similar to the Meteor and that is one strong point for the Meteor. RE gave it a good seat for the rider.

The Honda and Kawasaki both come with ABS as standard, are less than 500 pounds and have cast wheels and tubeless tires, like the Meteor, but the Honda would definitely be the better choice for a more sportier ride, plus it has some fairly decent wind protection. Honda also has the 500cc Rebel cruiser, but appears to be somewhat detuned from the 500X model, with a lower top speed and an even more exaggerated cruiser appearance, to my mind.

So, pick any one of those and you won't go wrong, bearing in mind the limitations each has in relation to all of your desired goals for a bike. Good luck on your choice and ride safe!


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