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Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Are Bullets dangerous?
« Last post by 9fingers on Today at 06:32:39 pm »
I live in CONSTANT fear that someone will steal me Classic Chrome becuase it is RARE and because it LOOKS expensive. The guys that delivered it from Oklahoma to NJ told me they thought it was a $20k bike.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Are Bullets dangerous?
« Last post by beagle on Today at 05:18:01 pm »
Over here is oz, when I was looking at buying a classic, I did some due diligence on the cost of owning it.  As it cost bugga all to buy second hand, I initially asked for a third party cover only, which covers everything except the bike, and was quoted around  AU $250. I then asked how much for full comprehensive cover and they said AU$ 251. She told me they rarely have a claim on them and nobody would steal one anyway...lol... obviously I went with the full cover.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Maybe timing?
« Last post by Bilgemaster on Today at 04:00:38 pm »
If you miss starting on that initial kick, try clicking off that kill switch before rolling it through for another start attempt. Once it's just beyond TDC again and ready for another stomp, click the kill switch back on, and try again...and again...and again. The little pop-back you describe while setting up for another kick is a known issue on some bikes fitted with electronic ignitions, described by the sage Paul Henshaw in one of his YouTube videos. Bypassing that wasteful pop should, in theory, leave your cylinder nicely primed for action on the next real kick.

It's also possible to set the little magnetic rotor doodad of the Boyer 180 degrees off of where it should be, at least on the Norton twins (Please don't ask me how I know this), but I doubt that's your issue. Before you go tearing into the distributor, try the kill switch thing. If that doesn't make her fly, then perhaps your timing IS a little advanced or retarded. It could also simply be dirty, oily or even a little wet in that distributor cap...another known common issue, even for those still using points. In fact, back in the day even guys who didn't smoke would still tote around a box of matches to dry and lightly dress up their points if the ride was acting up after a rain storm. As it happens, mine (like yours, with an electronic ignition fitted by a previous owner) had a little oily crud in there when I got it. Didn't seem to be doing it any harm (yet), but I swabbed it out all the same.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: After market LED Headlight units
« Last post by Guaire on Today at 03:34:20 pm »
High and low are 30w/15w. That's a lot less than 60/55.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Maybe the 650 interceptor is not for me!
« Last post by Guaire on Today at 03:31:49 pm »
I know one was done about losing his VFR.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Maybe timing?
« Last post by ivantheterrible on Today at 01:49:45 pm »
I have not, but it seems good, based solely on the resistance while kicking it. I should say, this bike has a boyer electronic ignition added.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Maybe timing?
« Last post by Dennisgb on Today at 01:19:21 pm »
Could be timing. Have you checked compression?
Ive only skimmed the manual but I can say it is a useful addition and cross-check to the RE service manual I purchased from CMW.  I still find this forum to be the most useful source of information although careful curation is required.  I'll be making another (bigger than $5) CMW donation next month when my CC recovers from December's devastation.
Picked up mine from BD too.  I luv the USPS counter ladies.  They address me by Mister.  I gave each of them this light for Xmas.

What's your opion on the Hayes manual.
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