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RE Dealer News and Announcements / Re: List of Dealers
« Last post by Bmadd34 on Today at 05:26:41 pm »
Team Power Sports, Raleigh NC
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Seat adhesive
« Last post by gizzo on Today at 05:12:01 pm »
Contact adhesive.  You're supposed to put the glue on each side and press the two halves together.  To do it really properly you give the glued part a whack. That sets the glue together really properly.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Why are you here?
« Last post by Roger on Today at 04:33:30 pm »
I like relics.  I also own a Ural.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / O2 Sensor
« Last post by SSdriver on Today at 03:45:48 pm »
Mil light code indicates an O2 sensor malfunction.  The bike is running fine. The PC-V O2 jumper has been in place for 3 years. Checked jumper seated properly. I suppose the jumper could be bad.  Does anyone know how to check? It should just be a resistance.
As I said earlier, I relocated the rectifier/regulator per TheShaggyDA's post to make room for underseat farkle electronics.  The DC output cable was a bit short so I extended it 6 inches.  I also relocated the engine-side alternator cable so it doesn't interfere with the oil fill cap.
Installed Hella Amber 60/55W headlight bulb.  At 2900K its way cooler than anything else except maybe carbide lamps.  Pictures are the old Low Beam, new Low Beam and LED DRL when nighttime-only headlight is off.  The DRL is a DOT Fog light that is aimed high which is not apparent in the picture.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Close ratio 5 speed cluster in 350 racer!
« Last post by ace.cafe on Today at 11:54:23 am »

Much needed gearbox mod.
Campfire Talk / Re: Tied the knot!
« Last post by mattsz on Today at 11:05:49 am »
Congratulations Tom!
Turned a pair of threaded handle bar inserts on the lathe. Someone should sell these things for us bar end mirror folks.

What are you waiting for?  ;)
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Why are you here?
« Last post by no bs on Today at 09:37:56 am »
well i sold my 2006 bonneville at 16000 miles and got a 2011 g5... ostensibly for the better fuel mileage. my second most-fun motorcycle, 72 r5 yamaha taking first spot for grins per mile.
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