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Vintage Royal Enfield/Indian / Re: The Blackhawk Saga Continues
« Last post by High On Octane on Today at 09:25:36 pm »
Who knows?  Maybe it can also get a proper primary cover that holds oil so the primary chain and clutch can actually get lubricated?

Or a belt drive.  Who knows what's in store?!
+1! ;D

   My '06 Electra and '12 C5 parts manuals (dated 2004 and 2009 respectively)do not reflect that PN you provided for the exhaust gasket. Both give a PN of 510804/a (Electra) and 510804 (C5), though the same gasket fits both bikes perfectly. And your PN provided does not appear anywhere in the numerical listing in the back of each manual.
   When I ordered the PN 510804 I received the 510804/a flat grey gaskets, which I returned, as I only ordered them for stock.
   Has there been a later revision to the parts manual(s)? If not, where did you find the PN?
   Another thought: Could you provide the OD, ID, and thickness of the copper gasket in inches or millimeters? Maybe I'll need to source them locally.
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: Another GT 750 chasing video
« Last post by paulie on Today at 07:32:16 pm »
That was the best sneaky look at the 750 I've seen yet. I guess there'll be a lot of GT singles on the market next year as people trade up. I'm tempted, depending on budget.
Campfire Talk / Re: The latest electric motorcycle news
« Last post by Richard230 on Today at 07:27:25 pm »
Guns to motorcycles. It worked for BSA.


For a while......
Campfire Talk / Re: Honda Super Cub history blog
« Last post by Richard230 on Today at 07:24:22 pm »
That is a great story, Arizoni. My first Honda was a new 1964 Super Hawk that cost $680, that I bought after a couple of scooters, an Allstate (Puch) 125 motorcycle and a Yamaha 250. The SH was my first real motorcycle that was able to tackle any distance.  :) My brother owned a step-through 90 that was pretty fast.  I borrowed it for a day and was able to see 65 mph downhill.  :o
Campfire Talk / Re: The latest electric motorcycle news
« Last post by Adrian II on Today at 07:23:30 pm »
Guns to motorcycles. It worked for BSA.

It took me 17000 miles to kill my Electra-X's sprag clutch.

Some of that was caused by engine backfires which produced some truly appalling clang/crunch noises, but the poor old sprag kept going. However stopping the engine with the kill switch would usually have the engine bouncing back on compression putting just that little extra bit of strain on the sprags every day until...

My valve lifter tappet cover was an early casualty, apart from the fact that the valve lifter was pretty useless, the casting cracked around the valve lifter spindle and leaked a surprising amount of oil. Replacing it with a plain cover solved that problem, but the demise the sprag clutch was going to catch up with me eventually.

I would have a word with Ace about what decompressor valve options are for your re-worked cylinder head, C.I. Bullet or (e.g.) chainsaw, because I don't think you want your sprag clutch to go south.

Campfire Talk / Re: Honda Super Cub history blog
« Last post by Arizoni on Today at 05:57:52 pm »
Although I never owned a "Honda" 50 Super Cub, my first motorcycle was a blue Honda Sport 50 which was basically a Super Cub without the "step thru frame".
It looked like a real motorcycle.

I was in College at the time and I found a used Sport at the local motorcycle dealer.

It burned oil but the price was right.
Shortly after buying it I got a new piston and piston rings and decided to rebuild the engine, right in the middle of the living room in the two room apartment I was in.

That little 50cc Sport got me to class and to the place I worked at for 2 years before I decided to get something bigger.  (A brand new Suzuki 80cc two stroke).

About this time, I got married so I tried to teach my new bride how to ride the Honda.
After 2 low speed crashes, I gave up on that idea and parked the Honda next to the larger apartment my wife and I had moved into.

I didn't pay much attention to the Honda for several months but one day I did notice it was gone. :(

I went to the police station to report the theft but they were busy and staying there would make me miss the first class of the day so I said to hell with it and went to the class.

About 6 months later there was a knock on my door.

Opening it, I saw a middle aged man and a 16 year old kid.
I asked the man what he wanted.
He asked me if I owned a 50cc Honda?
I said yes, it was stolen a few months ago and I forgot to report it.

He told me his son had just bought it without papers at a local swap meet and when he tried to register it they told him that I was the owner.

I felt kinda sorry for him and his son so I suggested that if he payed me $50 I would sign the title over to him. (I've never been good at selling stuff.  I usually identify to closely with the buyer and end up cheating myself out of any profit that could be made.)

He said that sounded fair and payed me the price, and that's the last I saw or heard of my blue Honda Sport motorcycle.

As far as I know, it might still be running today.
That sounds like it's a real risk... 

Especially for tooseevee, I seem to remember you use the electric start every time when starting cold.

I removed my solenoid, but haven't yet removed the sprag.  Kick it every time. I have not noticed sprag teeth in the primary though, but as you say maybe I've just been lucky thus far.

As to the other question, I had to remove the rockers altogether in order to slide the pushrods in from the top (remove banjo bolts, slide them out, pull rockers up and out.)  I think getting them back in perfectly was the hardest part.

If you can squeeze it in by applying pressure to the valve that would probably save you some time. Like I said, i am really just a dangerous novice... This bike is the extent of my mechanical experience and I've learned by doing the entire time.

I can't thank this forum and the great  knowledgeable people on here enough.

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