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If I replace my handlebars with this one from Hitchcocks, would I still be able to install the bar end indicators from motogadget?
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Bullet basket case
« Last Post by TonyVanda on Today at 09:19:45 pm »
Hey thanks Adrian for the great info and the time you've put in. I'll measure the stem I've got then dig the SuperStar out and compare everything. I think you've saved me a bunch of stress and time. I'll consider that setup you've got after that. Sometimes the freight seems way over the top but the end result is worth it.

Now that I know about all this stuff, I might just assemble a running bike, flip it, and spend more time on the SuperStar. The SuperStar is 'out the back' while I finish setting up my J2. Last year during lockdown I did a resto on a 1948 J2 and it's running and all working but I have some fuel problem so I'll get that out of the way first. Your Fury top yoke looks exactly like the one on the J2. That is a very comfortable riding position and it makes the bike look lower and longer (and cooler).

The SuperStar is a 1987 Australian delivery. It's had Hitchcock roller big end and conrod, high comp piston installed. The head has been tidied up and just about everything else has been updated. It's a great bike bike but I'm having some power issues with it as well. I'm almost there with it. I've had the bike for about 8 years (which is a record for me).

Gotta work today so I'll get into it tomorrow. Thanks again. Regards Tv

650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Uncle Stu throws down..
« Last Post by Hoiho on Today at 09:15:54 pm »
BTW he ha a lot of arse kissing comments on his video. He's very agreeable to those ones who parrot back to him what he told them. Again, It would be great to know something about his skill sets to gauge his credibility.

He deletes any comments which show him up.  Funny how he complains that people questioning his methods either don't respond or delete their own comments. ::)

Would have made a great bobby..
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: TEC Stinger Feedback
« Last Post by Suncoast on Today at 09:11:11 pm »
I've got one on my GT courtesy of Jack Straw. I'm really happy with it, the only concern I have is after watching The Ocean Pilot on You tube It looks like his inner baffle somehow came loose and he had to have it welded back in while on tour. Price is right but long term quality may not be there depending on how many miles you ride.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Uncle Stu throws down..
« Last Post by Hoiho on Today at 09:02:04 pm »
Thank you. Has anyone been told otherwise from either manufacturer or licensed retailer? That does count for something, no?

Yes. From Robert Taylor from KSS and from Tec Bike. Both are YSS suppliers, Robert Taylor is a highly regarded suspension tuner.

George from Tec Bike: "The YSS full kit does not say to do this, but I disagree and think they are trying to make it look easier to install, but will never work as well in high speed compression"

Robert Taylor from KSS: "The other 50% of the issue (aside from progressive springs) is poor hydraulic control (damping) This is a reality that many users totally fail to grasp and concerningly also dealers and their wet behind the ears counter sales people. There is almost always a preoccupation for easy sales and quick profit rather than doing what is right. I have been constantly in this industry now for 45 years and counting so please excuse my cynicism.  Simplistically, think about damping as controlling the rate of change of fork position, damping if properly calibrated will slow down fork movement so it is more controlled. The brutal reality is damper rod type forks ( such as these ) produce an abysmally poor level of initial damping and brake dive resistance, explaining why they are initially sloppy in action. BUT ALSO, they produce too much high speed damping, explaining why they don’t ride abrupt bumps very well, exacerbated by the initial low velocity inclination to blow through their stroke and precompress the springs. Its all about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory."

By simply dropping emaultors on top of the unmodified damper you are only adding some low-speed compression damping. The restriction at high flow rates remain and the fork will continue to be harsh.

If you buy the YSS PD valves separately, you get installation instructions on enlarging the damper ports:

The flywheel rotor, the magneto with the cone hole and the timing magnets on the outside for the sensor to activate.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Centerstand pad?
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 08:47:13 pm »
That single loop version doesn't appear to be particularly robust. I'd be worried about it breaking.
It's fine. It just doesnt look very pretty.
Parts and Accessories Q&A / Re: Bullet parts for a custom bike
« Last Post by Adrian II on Today at 08:46:04 pm »
By flywheel, do you mean the two large steel flywheels which make up the inner part of the crankshaft, or do you mean the alternator rotor, which bears a passing resemblance to the old-style flywheel magneto used on older two-stroke engines before CDI ignition became common?

Sidecar Talk / Re: access to front sprocket
« Last Post by sjbiat on Today at 08:38:29 pm »
Thank you Kevin.  Its great the way you monitor this forum!

I have a C5.  Can you get one strut out without removing them all?  (I ask because the Haynes manual says you have to remove the foot peg.)
;) When and whatever comes out it will be interesting to compare it to the few privateer "Desert Sled" 650s that folks have made.

Some of which have been really nice and an obvious bolt-on conversion that the factory could've made a reality on the cheap. I know the Indian market is different than the Western market, but some of those custom Scramblers came out of India. It just seems like a no duh.
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