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Reply #30 on: June 30, 2024, 12:03:51 am
The Southwest is a mecca for silica. The light brown microscopic dust is just aerosolized lapping compound. Off road is obviously the most extreme, but coming home with an airbox 1/3 full of talcum silt and weed seeds is par for the course. The oiled gauze K&N is tough to beat, filtering all of that out and offering "some" water shedding ability. Two strokes circulate everything through the crankshaft that gets through the air cleaner, so unless Daddy's paying the bills you used what worked. Street is somewhat more polite, but even downtown Phoenix/Tucson riders need to be aware.

In my Flagstaff Suzuki days we could always recognise machines that had been dropped off from the Navajo Nation. The airbox and float bowl would always have some of that reddish iron infused sandstone blow dust in them that had passed through the factory filters. :(
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Reply #31 on: June 30, 2024, 02:32:42 pm
To answer Nift's question (sort of) I have used the longer 70mm version, though not on actually on an Electra-X. Yes, will heed to jet up if you change to a free-flowing intake from an air filter box.

Presumably you're looking to remove the present air filter set-up. Question, will this fit with the Electra-X side panel? I did remove the air filter box on mine but replaced it with a short conical filter while I still had the Dell'Orto fitted, it just cleared the edge of the side panel. If you need a bit more room in that department, the right-hand side panel off the later Electra-EFI could be your answer Hitchcocks' usually have used ones in stock, one of which might be a colour match to your pre-EFI item.

It's worth noting than when Watsonian-Squire came up the the tuning kit (of which your Dell'Orto carb is the key bit), they also opened out the airflow into the filter box and fitted a larger K&N air filter than the standard factory item, so it ought to breathe reasonably well. Is going for an alloy bell mouth purely a cosmetic thing?

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