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Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Starting Probs and spark plug/coil
« Last Post by mitchell on Today at 02:30:24 am »
OK Guys
Today I pulled out the old coil, replaced it, the coil wire to the plug, a new plug, cleaned the carb, battery charged, new air filter, gas in the tank, kill switch has never been used and was disconnected 20 years ago(never quite figured out a need for that thing), all wiring looks good, I dipped the tip of the plug in petrol and go.

The plug I now have in there is from India, Mico/Bosch W145 Z 1. Will new-in-a-box plugs go bad over time? But I have now tried three different ones. I tried attaching the pic of it but I don't see that it did indeed attach to this post. It is a short threaded plug and one I got at a shop/dealer, I guess.

Ammeter doesn't move a mm. Even if the ammeter is bad, and I am thinking it is not, the bike should still start, no?

Lights work, horn works and when I flip on the lights, the ammeter lights up too.

Tomorrow I will pull off the headlight and tackle anything in there that might look suss but the ammeter is connected properly. I will also see if I have a new set of points and a condenser. If not, where can I get a set quickly? India takes weeks on ebay.

It's all my own fault as I had it up and running well last summer after I got my strength back from covid but I haven't ridden it in maybe 7-8 months,,,not even cranked it as I was too, well lazy/procrastinating/busy working. And, it is kept outside under a cover here in Florida.
As we all know, these beasts need to be running to stay running well.

Worse to worst, I will have it towed to a mechanic but that grinds me since, up to now, I have done all the work on this thing myself. Plus the cost of a mechanic.

I know it is probably something aggravatingly simple, but what could it be?

Also, if anyone knows how I can get the two carb gaskets quickly, That would be appreciated. The one on the float bowl and the 'diamond' - shaped one sealing the air flow from the filter box.

Thank you all


650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: High compression piston kit
« Last Post by Gremlinsteve on Today at 02:29:20 am »
I love my 865
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: In praise of the stock pipes
« Last Post by Jack Straw on Today at 02:23:19 am »
Well, the price is right on the Emgo items.   Are you running them with any extra baffles or as shipped?
Himalayan / Instruments viewing cover on the instruments console unit
« Last Post by Dr Jack P. on Today at 02:22:01 am »
Hey, does anyone out there has a spare instruments viewing panel, used or new?

A flying stone off gravel road hit one my visors on the panel, specifically one that covers fuel gauge & compass. I did a temporary repairs to keep rain off but it's a quite crude fix. I seems that one can only buy the whole unit but not solely the cover. Seems strange to me. All instruments work perfectly on my Himalayan. This said, I know that if anything in the unit gets faulty, then as a replacement (warranty or post-warranty) one gets or buys a new complete unit. So, maybe, there are faulty units with perfect covers in some garages. It only takes undoing several small screw on the back of the unit to free the top cover with three "glass" visors.

Let me know, thanks
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: What's your favourite low $$ mod/part ?
« Last Post by Bilgemaster on Today at 01:58:48 am »
Yeah the Dunlop K70s ain't as gritty and long-lasting as the old predecessor TT100s I used to favor, but I managed to crank out about 8 Grand on the clock with the latest rear, so that works for me, being about one swap a year. Of course the front just keeps hanging in there, as they do. Thinking about those Duros though...or even those Mitas ones some folks like.

As for mods, my "Iron Belly Military's" pretty stock, but a rattle-can-blacked Harbor Freight Oo-gah! horn doesn't seem out of place and makes the kids smile and gives the old starter button something to do (see: I also screwed on one of those see-through tappet adjustment covers from our hosts, largely as a tip o' the hat to our old compadre 'Brad the Maddman', who'd put one on his UCE. Frankly, the show's WAY better and less "colonoscopic" with an Iron Barrel. You can see those pushrods dancing their pas de deux  about 8:30 into the report on that Galax Gathering Brad coordinated:

Speaking of Brad, he's hit some hard rough tarmac, so if you could throw him a couple-few bucks, that would be a menschy thing to do. See here for details:
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: In praise of the stock pipes
« Last Post by 6504me on Today at 01:50:31 am »
Just a few weeks ago I figured I was about done with mods.   I had to invent a need to change something. ::)

Looks wise those Emgo units appeal.  Very Commandoesque methinks.

Nortonesque... for sure and the price is right. If you get a pair I'll let you in on the trick to mount them sano.

Flying the Union Jack
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: What did you do to your bike today?
« Last Post by NVDucati on Today at 01:45:43 am »
I did the valve adjustment myself today.  I went whole hog and removed the tank.  I never feel like a bike is really mine until I have had it apart ha ha.

Everything went well and was exactly what I was expecting....until it was time to get the valve cover back on.  I have no idea how long I spent trying to get the bloody rubber gasket to stay put!  I eventually succeeded, but if anyone has a trick to make that easier I am all ears.

EDIT: Never mind - I found the thread from last year.  Next time I will use some adhesive to lightly bond the gasket to the cover.
Yeah, I'm with ya brother. Some folks (me included) have come to lying the gasket on the head with the half-moon in place. Then the cover. I use one of the thicker feeler gauges as a "spatula" to feed the o-ring into the slot. (nothing gets snagged / nothing falls up ;))
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: In praise of the stock pipes
« Last Post by Jack Straw on Today at 01:36:07 am »
Just a few weeks ago I figured I was about done with mods.   I had to invent a need to change something. ::)

Looks wise those Emgo units appeal.  Very Commandoesque methinks.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Muffler for experimenting
« Last Post by GravyDavy on Today at 01:33:24 am »
Update on the project:  Another forum member donated his stock system for the cause of experimentation.  I'm just getting back to work after several months off due to medical issues, and I'm starting the retirement process.  I have literally no idea whether I'm going to have time soon to start cutting them up, but I hope it's soon. I'm an old mechanic, so I have suitable tools.  Just have to have the time and energy.
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