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Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: C5 Seat Pad for long distance ride
« Last post by Barnone on Today at 02:00:10 pm »
I put a sheepskin that I had laying around on my 2012 C5. Much nicer and cooler here in the Florida sunshine.
Wanted / Re: 2012 RE C5 ignition coil
« Last post by Arizoni on Today at 01:32:38 pm »
Have you tried the Royal Enfield store in Ft. Worth, Texas?

If anyone has it, they should be the place.

Give them a call at  (817) 834-1392
Bullet Electra & AVL Models / Re: Another AVL wakeup
« Last post by tooseevee on Today at 11:21:50 am »
Hi All,

Incidentally, the intake manifold has an inlet port which the service manual said is for the PAV. It appears to be covered with electrician's tape(photo), I will need a better plug to prevent vacuum leaks.


         That small tube into the manifold is part of the Pulse Air system. Have the rest of the Pulse Air system components been removed? If so there is no where for a tube to be connected. Just seal it off.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Micarb 28 spring
« Last post by tooseevee on Today at 11:10:40 am »
My Micarb VM 28 carburetor seems to have the throttle cable binding somewhat, slowly returns to idle, sticks at higher idle than ideal, then eventually returns to low idle .  The cable does go through the nacelle which makes a sharp bend.  Other than rerouting the throttle cable, is there any other way to get a better throttle response?
Would a new carburetor spring or a more powerful spring help?  Is there a more powerful spring available?

           No. It's the cable as others have said. Find where it's binding and fix that. Don't try to find a stronger spring. The next thing it might do is break  :( :-[
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Service manual
« Last post by Karman on Today at 11:05:46 am »
Has anyone found a service manual for the 650 bike yet? I'm assuming the dealers must have a service manual, but I'm not getting anything back from MotoGB here in the UK.
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Micarb 28 spring
« Last post by blasphemous on Today at 10:50:29 am »
I have had the same issue and like Ace says it has been the cable routing getting stuck underneath the tank, rerouting or just working the cable free from tight spots has fixed the issue.
We'll, not my cup of tea, not even a kickstarter, for cryin out loud ::)
So, my question is how different is the Interceptor from a Bonneville? Is the Bonneville "just like a Japanese bike"?  ???

I have a Bonneville and it feels fine to me... I've done some common induction, exhaust, dyno's definately not a boring bike!  ;)

I will be test riding a CGT twin later this week, and am hoping to get some feel for what the Interceptor will be like.

I am very curious how the air cooled Interceptor compares to the air cooled Bonnie. I will be waiting until May to find out for myself... ::)
Campfire Talk / Re: JOTD
« Last post by Richard230 on Today at 09:12:12 am »
Mike was going to be married to Jane, so his father sat him down for a little chat. He said, 'Mike, let me tell you something.
On my wedding night in our honeymoon suite, I took off my pants, handed them to your mother, and said, 'Here, try these on! She did and said, 'These are too big, I can't wear them.' I replied, 'Exactly, I wear the pants in this family and I always will.' Ever since that night we have never had any problems. ''Hmmm,' said Mike. He thought that might be good thing to try. On his honeymoon, Mike took off his pants and said to Jane, 'Here try these on.' She tried them on and said, 'These are too large, they don't fit me.' Mike said, 'Exactly, I wear the pants in this family, and I always will. I don't want you to ever forget that.' Then Jane took off her pants, and handed them to Mike. She said, 'Here, you try on mine.' He did and said, 'I can't get into your pants.' Jane said, 'Exactly. And if you don't change your smart ass attitude, you never will.' And they lived happily ever after!
Campfire Talk / Re: JOTD
« Last post by Richard230 on Today at 09:11:48 am »
At the National Art Gallery in Dublin, a husband and wife were staring at a portrait that had them completely confused.
The painting depicted 3 black men totally naked, sitting on a bench. Two of the figures had black penises, but the one in the middle had a pink penis. The curator of the gallery realized that they were having trouble interpreting the painting and offered his personal assessment. He went on for over half an hour explaining how it depicted the sexual emasculation of African Americans in a predominately white, patriarchal society. 'In fact', he pointed out, 'some serious critics believe that the pink penis also reflects the cultural and sociological oppression experienced by gay men in contemporary society'.
After the curator left, an Irishman approached the couple and said, 'Would you like to know what the painting is really about?' 'Now why would you claim to be more of an expert than the curator of the gallery, asked the couple'? 'Because I'm the artist, who painted the picture,' he replied. 'In fact, there are no African Americans depicted at all. They're just three Irish coal miners. The guy in the middle went home for lunch.
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