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650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: givi screen
« Last Post by agagliardi on Today at 07:25:01 pm »
I have the largest Givi windshield and it did fit. I do not remember the model, but it was the largest they make. The hardware can be installed in various configurations. I did have to remove the handlebar cross bar, although I kept the clamps on the bar, and relocated them down by the handlebar clamps, if that makes sense. Many members have been able to remove these cross bar clamps by either bending them open, or by removing the grips, controls, etc. Personally, they don't bother me, and are not  very noticeable when positioned inboard.  The  hardware is quite strong. and I found that, It gave the best wind protection set as high as possible. It looks great sitting low on the headlight cover, but I had some buffeting. Perhaps if it is angled more toward the rider, with a full face, it may work better when set low.

I took it off for the summer so I cannot send a picture.  Hope that helps. 
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Tube Slime
« Last Post by 6504me on Today at 07:23:32 pm »
I know that this has been discussed on this forum somewhere but I can’t find it.
What seems to be the general consensus on tube sealants, specifically’Slime’?
All thoughts appreciated.
Ta, Steve.

Tubes rarely puncture with a nice tidy hole. They usually tear and sometimes as they deflate rip the valve stem. There's no repairing that unless you carry a spare tube.

Slime, and the like, rarely work and if you've ever replaced a tire or repaired that has had slime in it you'd never ask that question.
Pushed Bholenath very slowly about ½ mile up a pretty steep grade (about 20 feet at a time),  :P then about another ½ mile across level ground (much easier).   :)

My fuel light (with Koso TNT) quit working a while back. I put a new sending unit in, then ran out again. Last week I checked all my connections in the nacelle, ran out of time, so I moved on… This morning I knew I was really low, so I stopped at my usual gas station only to find signs on every pump; “No Gas”.  :o

I ran out before reaching the next station, lol!  :-[ Oddly, I feel kind of proud, like I’ve been through a classic bike “rite of passage”. I have now pushed my bike to the nearest station and made it to work without “Roadside Assistance” (which would have taken longer, and cost a lot more). I’ll have to keep on trying to figure out that light as I’m able. Meanwhile, I plan on filling up more often!  ;)
I wonder if the center-stand pivot point has oval due to use and weight of the bike over time.  If those pivot points oval, the center stand would be positioned too far forward as AzCal explained.   The photo attached shows the pivot oval on a Iron Barrel center stand plates, note the oval on the old plate.
On your G5, the plates would look something like this:
Bullet Iron Barrel / Re: Lights and horn OOS
« Last Post by Adrian II on Today at 06:46:37 pm »
I'm glad the fix was straightforward.  ;D

A separate capacitor alongside the reg rectifier is a better idea than a combined unit unless space is severely limited. Single-phase reg/rectifiers are now so cheap as to be consumables.

Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Production Numbers
« Last Post by Navi on Today at 06:32:27 pm »
There seemed to be plenty of Classic 500s in Squadron Blue advertised by UK dealers up to around a year ago. That was my choice, but I just missed the last of them and got a Trials Replica instead.

I think there must've been a lot more available in UK than the US then. When I was looking for the rear seat bracket, some dealerships I called didn't even know what squadron blue was.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: oil filter?
« Last Post by 6504me on Today at 06:26:19 pm »
I didn't read all 14 pages. I can tell you my local RE dealer stocks the OEM filter and it was a reasonable $15.59 with sales tax. I'll probably only change the oil 1 time a year so not a big deal.

10w60 Synthetic oil on the other hand at $16/quart is pricey

Castrol Synthetic Power RS 4T 10W-50 API SL Jaso MA-2 $52.95 for 6 quarts with free shipping

650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Tubeless rim conversion.
« Last Post by NVDucati on Today at 06:25:41 pm »
anglojaxon just posted a report on his convesion.
I did the Outex conversation a few days ago. We'll see how it works out. I note that the part of cleaning the rim and smoothing out the air bubbles is important. I didn't grind anything down, nor would I.

Outex is more expensive than the 3M 4412N tape, but the marine tape is thinner. and doesn't have the protective coat the outex kit has.  I've noted that several people are claiming silicone ( or shoe goo ) on the nipples works, but most silicone isn't heat rated for the application it's being used for.  I saw it mentioned that 2021 comes with CEAT tube type tyre's that aren't tubeless, so that may mean new tubeless tires, no idea about the rims. I have a 2019 with stock tubeless Pirelli's.

Once I noticed I had the valve washer installed incorrectly I removed the tire and I noticed the few remaining bubbles were gone from the "overpressure stage" after install. I would note that Outex also sells a sealer for slow leaks, which is similar to Tireject. Thank god I have a no-mar classic changer.

I'd prefer alloys although they'd be heavier. Sealing spoked rims is far lighter. Really wish RE would get off their ass and make alloys. I can't understand why the less expensive Meteor has alloys, hazard lights, tripper nav and the Int/Conti doesn't yet.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: What did you do to your bike today?
« Last Post by NVDucati on Today at 06:19:44 pm »
I did the Outex conversation a few days ago. ...
Thanks very much for the report. Well done and helpful.
Are you running stock sized tires and rear shocks?  I noticed when experimenting with larger tires, stand performance was affected, although I don't recall it failing to retract.

Maybe the relative position of the stand mount components are incorrect, or the stand is welded incorrectly, or the stand from another model was installed?  Perhaps posting some pictures will result in helpful information.
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