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Campfire Talk / Re: 2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT Question
« Last post by mattsz on Today at 03:13:41 am »
I had no idea that there were "forum moderators" on this site.  Where are they?   ::)

Keeping a low profile...
Campfire Talk / Re: Triumph Thailand article
« Last post by Richard230 on Yesterday at 08:33:47 pm »
I was surprised to read that Triumph ditched the welding robots for welding humans.  :) What happened?  Did the robots go on strike?   ;)
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Peggy is.......Going on a rabbit hunt!
« Last post by 9fingers on Yesterday at 08:26:00 pm »
I believe I read that those rabbits were shot with CZ 452 and 455 rifles............we must be a bit strange........I own approx 14 CZ rimfire rifles, incl many 452's, a couple of 511 semi autos, and one BRNO 611 22 magnum. And then there are the handguns.........If I read that right, Wildbill, you have good taste in bikes AND guns!
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Peggy is.......Going on a rabbit hunt!
« Last post by wildbill on Yesterday at 07:13:53 pm »
hunting story

Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Peggy is.......Going on a rabbit hunt!
« Last post by wildbill on Yesterday at 07:01:13 pm »
hunting story

Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Peggy is.......Going on a rabbit hunt!
« Last post by wildbill on Yesterday at 07:00:00 pm »

Campfire Talk / Re: Triumph Thailand article
« Last post by Narada on Yesterday at 06:45:30 pm »
I concur Heloego, mine have been great!  :)

I really liked that they saw quality as such a key component, and did inspection after inspection, throughout all processes, and the inspectors are all female!   :o (I go to lady doctors for the same reason...they are the best at thorough inspections! Lol.) 

Interesting how they built everything with Triumph's own money too. Very successful overall business plan! I found it to be a fascinating read.  ;)
Thank you! Both of you. I will work on the tank and lines this week. I'm working to remove the rust/chain clean up today.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Calling all Pegasus owners
« Last post by wildbill on Yesterday at 04:52:53 pm »
i think the first low number lots were brown...here in oz the brown colour came in first.
now the greens are about and I think the brown has sold out
Continental GT Cafe Racer / Re: '14 Continental GT Documentation: Sacramento, CA
« Last post by gizzo on Yesterday at 04:21:00 pm »
Congrats again. $2.5k is a steal.
I should have kept a list somewhere of all the things I had to do to my '14 CGT when it was new. So much work. But a lot of that was down to useless dealer prep and yours might not be like it.
Like hpwaco said, search the CGT forum. The early days of the list had a LOT of info on the new (then) GT's issues. Hopefully it's still there and didn't get lost in the migration to the new format.

 The recessed brass screw he mentioned is in the top of the throttle body. It's a pain to get to.

While the tank's off, replace the rubber fuel hose with a new one, but a heap longer, so it has a bit of a loop back towards the seat area. The stock hose is known for having a kink, starving the engine. The rubber's shit quality anyway and it's probably perished by now. Change the small rubber water drain hose on the tank, too.
While the tank is still off, make some spacers (1/2" thick is a good place to start) for the rear tank mounts. Dunno how prevalent this is but in my case the wiring harness on the frame spine rubbed through on the tank and blew a few fuel pump fuses before I found the cause.

Maybe put a zip tie around the computer. The rubber holder thing is rubbish.

Those rocker box seals look like hell but they seem to work ok, don't stress about them. They just weep a tiny bit over time. I can't remember anyone saying they had oil gushing out.

The stalling thing is normal on the early bikes. A fuel controller is the fix. Mine's a PowerCommander but there's other options available now.

Read up on how to check the oil level. It's an art.

Headstem bearings might not be adjusted properly and the ring nuts might be loose. Keep an eye on them. I bought a couple of shock adjusting C spanners from ebay.

I hope the rust cleans up. Mine had a few spots coming out on the headlight ring but Autosol got rid of it and hasn't come back.

I love the GT. It's a fun ride and makes people look twice when the see one on tour, interstate.

How's the RSV4? I had an old Mille a few years ago. That was a fast bike but damn it used some fuel.
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