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on: December 28, 2020, 11:40:13 am
I have had the Himalayan for 18 months and done coming up 3K on the bike, short trips and very mild off road green lanes, minor niggles were the rough idle and occasional tendency to stall at junctions, and the very poor front brake.

I have carried out some improvements and seem to have cured the problems, firstly I fitted a couple of accessories, a small tool bag to fit on the rear carrier,

and a set of crash bars,

Next I replaced the spark plug,

and fitted a booster plug,

and a DNA performance air filter,

and finally replaced the front brake pads,

That has sorted out the niggles and has made the bike perfect, next job is to shorten the side stand, will look at this chap, has anyone any experience of this service?

Next job is to work my way through the Interceptor before the spring.

I also trimmed the air intake snorkal to allow more air into the filter inlet.
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Reply #1 on: December 28, 2020, 07:41:42 pm
 I have not used that service but have an alternative suggestion.
My Himalayan was lowered by my dealer before delivery, and the prop stand was shortened: it was later cut down again, but the bike was still too tall for my arthritic right hip, so I bought a Tourtecs adjustable (20- 26 cms)stand from Motea for €45. It is aluminium and fits reasonably easily (some modification is necessary, as the new holding bolt is of greater diameter than the housing in the frame) but it does not operate the stand cut out, which I have not found to be a problem - on the Adventure Rider forum, some riders have had difficulties with the cut out switch, so perhaps it is a no bad thing that the rider has to remember to lift the stand, as in the old days!
I have made too many modifications over two years to list here, in my attempts to make the bike perfect for my riding, but I recommend the 14 tooth gearbox from Hitchcocks for back roads and green laning.
I’ve recently finished all my mods to the Interceptor - - - so I’m just waiting for some decent weather for the Himalayan to try the new Mitas E-07 tyres.

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Reply #2 on: February 24, 2021, 04:56:54 pm
Well l have been lucky with my interceptor no issues as yet apart from puncher, it runs fun handles well, l have run In the bike in 3 months back l do get a little noise when the bike warms up l think it is just valve clatter that seems normal compared to other bikes, l know where you are comming from with arthritis l have it bad in my knee, sitting on a bike is very goog therapy for it, blasted condition l can't get up a ladder or climb anymore but does not effect ability to ride a bike thank god.