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Nice looking bike Narada.

Tried out this rear brake mod that I've read about. Weather not great so no real test yet or if I made a difference. Did pick up the wrong nut for the brake arm and stripped the threads. Hitchcocks brake cam not currently available but luckily managed to get the proper nut on and it's holding and managed to hold it's torque. Might drill a hole if needed and lock it with wire. Still, if no better, at least the brake cams got a greasing/inspection.

Does anybody elses rear wheel 'bounce' on the cush drive rubber when locking the wheel? Bike stationary, hand power only.
Campfire Talk / Re: Ducati Davidson?
« Last post by Farmer_John on Today at 06:49:54 am »
The new HD-Ducati

I'd ride that bike.
Campfire Talk / Re: Ducati Davidson?
« Last post by Farmer_John on Today at 06:48:18 am »
              I can't see corporate harley allowing that not with what I watched happen in the late '70s and the '80s when corporate harley was putting dozens of small, well-established, independent bike shops that had supported harley for years out of business simply for displaying the bar and shield. They just didn't meet the "new" image of the moment. The corporate harley lawyers papered them to death. Corporate harley are scum and I've loved the bikes since the late '40s. I would not go NEAR a dealership any more by the early '80s. And it just got worse (to me) from then on. I could get everything I needed (and had been) from J&P - American-made. I no longer felt comfortable or welcome in a harley dealership after about '79. And after the new corporate mandates of what a dealership had to look like I never went back

You talking about RENA, or has history repeated itself on a much smaller, very much less deserved scale?

As a rider who has been a huge Ducati fan and follower for a long time and a total disbeliever in the whole Harley mystique...I'd hate to see it happen.
Tech Tips / Re: Bullet Newby - I like it!
« Last post by Yamahawk on Today at 06:29:39 am »
Sorry, yes, Desh's bike is a 2000 model so AC headlamp, Yamahawk's is a 1996 model so all DC. For the 1996 models the Lucas RM21 really is a worthwhile upgrade.


I checked out the Lucas RM21 on eBay, and it is a 2 wire alternator/stator, and my original is 3 wire. I take it there are 2 wires tied together on the wire harness to one of the 2 wires on the RM21? It must be the correct diameter on the rotor also, as otherwise you would need to replace that, also with the RM21 stator? Anyway, 10 amps is a good amount of juice for the old Bullet, and does seem like a worthy upgrade. Between that and the PowerBox 00108, sounds like $260 or so plus shipping will take care of it. I will have to start saving up for that and a few other things to make the Bullet into a better platform.
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Parting ways with my C5...
« Last post by Narada on Today at 12:29:34 am »
Long as we have you here Johno,

Is there a way to know what tire pressure is best for each tire on a sidecar rig?

I wonder about how that may be affecting my ride too?
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: What did you do to your Royal Enfield today?
« Last post by Narada on June 24, 2017, 07:51:50 pm »
Nothing funnier than the truth!  ;D ;D ;D
Well, after almost 3 years and 13,000+  of trouble free riding my C5 decided to quit.  Just stopped.  No stutter, no surging, nothing.  Just quit!  The red trouble light comes on.  The fuel pump runs. The lights still work, starter/engine turns over etc. but won't fire.  I've got it home now.  All the fuses are OK.  Connectors are all tight.  The side stand is OK.  Clutch switch OK.  I checked in the headlight and all appears OK. I'm trying to find this elusive loose grey wire that I'm supposed to ground to get the trouble codes.  One person say's it's on a black thing in the left box.  NOPE.  Another says its under the seat on the gray finned thing.  NOPE.  I'll be damned if I can find it.  Any suggestions?


  It's a purple wire with a green ... or chartreuse if you like.... colored insulator on the end of it. It comes out of the back of the ECU, which is in the left side tool box on a C-5.  The wire will not be connected to anything... look for the loose unconnected wire. ;)    With the key off and the kill switch off,  connect that wire to chassis ground.... Like with another wire, with  alligator clips on both ends.

 THEN... turn your key on... THEN... set your kill switch to the run position... THEN... you will see the Mil light come on for a second or two as the fuel pump comes on... THEN.... the Mil light will go out for a second or two... THEN.... the Mil light will start blinking a series of codes.  That code  or codes that it blinks, will tell you on which sensor or circuit the problem is.    Pay special attention to the FIRST code that starts to blink... as you may have other codes stored in the ECU.   The LAST issue you had, will be the first code that you see.  IF.. you have other stored codes, it will cycle through those , THEN start from the beginning again.  The codes are in your service manual, or if you don't have one or you have a problem with them,let us know...
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: Parting ways with my C5...
« Last post by The Old Coot on June 24, 2017, 05:29:47 pm »
My shop had worked mine in a bit at the time, lean that is, It's much better than when I got it. The crown in the road is much greater where I live than the 1 1/2 lane country roads over there have.
  Hahahaha !   That's it Narada... lure in those judges with the curvy bags and such.  Then pound them into submission with compression ratio and torque !  Hahaha !  ;)
Campfire Talk / Re: Ducati Davidson?
« Last post by oTTo on June 24, 2017, 04:59:27 pm »
The new HD-Ducati
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