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on: May 04, 2022, 04:26:04 pm
Hi.  I have a 2001 500 bullet, and i'm doing a full strip and rebuild.  My question is, does anyone know the length and hole centres of the tool for setting the swinging arm, as i wish to make my own. Many thanks for any help with this.


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Reply #1 on: May 05, 2022, 01:48:01 pm
Crickets, huh?  I presume you are talking about one of these?:

According to Snidal's superb Bullet Service Manual  in its section "Rear Suspension" under "Centering the Bushes":

Once the bushes are pressed in place, there is one more consideration in the reinstallation: the rubber must be "centered" in between the positions of maximum and minumum [sic] shock-absorber deflection
All this means is that, before installing the mounting pin (the bolt throught [sic] the bolt and swingarm bushes) the swingarm must be in a central up-and-down position. The factory gives the center-to center distance between the shock mounts as 9 3/4" - just under 25 cm. Make up a temporary link to place between the shock mounts on either side - a piece of metal or even wood drilled at 24.5 cm centers - and use it to set and maintain the swingarm position during reinstallation.

Another factory-published Enfield Bullet Service Manual from before they became "Royal Enfield" again that I have confirms that 9¾ inch hole-center-to-hole-center measurement as "9.75 inches" and shows the "special tool" in place. Oddly enough, it offers no equivalent Metric measurement.

In view of its size and Snidal's suggestion of even using wood, unless one plans to do a lot of this swing arm bushing work--maybe even going "Pro"--I might suggest just grabbing a couple of those freebie paint stirrer sticks at a home improvement joint for the task.
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