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650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Project MLG
« Last Post by torquey on Today at 04:03:56 am »
Thanks a bunch for that.  They sure are nice!  Again, thanks for your time.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Torque monster lives in my garage
« Last Post by torquey on Today at 04:02:37 am »
Ditto.  These machines are a ton of fun out of the gates and it sounds like yours is getting funner by the minute.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Let's talk mirrors
« Last Post by torquey on Today at 03:44:07 am »

Heck yeah.  I'm saving up for a set.  I have a set that look like them, but aren't.  Are they flat or curved (convex) mirrors? Thanks.
Campfire Talk / Re: More Ukraine war fallout
« Last Post by GlennF on Today at 03:37:00 am »
The core issue is politics.

Regardless of the flavor of politician the old adage "The actual facts of the matter, while no doubt interesting, are irrelevant to any decision making" will always hold true.

Politicians are about power and will do what it takes to get it and keep it.  In some cases it is just relying on populist appeal, spreading misinformation and painting the opposition in a bad light, in more extreme cases it is locking the opposition up and enforcing martial law.

Unfortunately a huge number of people are intellectually lazy and just looking for some authority figure or other to just tell them what to think.  They want an easy black and white 'good guys versus bad guys" world view they can adopt without thinking about it.
350 Meteor/Classic / Re: Meteor Seat colour
« Last Post by GlennF on Today at 03:24:10 am »
A semi-related question.

Are 2022 Meteor and 2022 Classic seats mix and match interchangeable ?
I got what I needed - 3/16" i.d. tubing.  Thanks.
Sidecar Talk / 08 Ural Gear Up - $3,200 (Clovis)
« Last Post by AzCal Retred on Today at 03:08:43 am »
(I didn't see a jack shaft to the 3rd wheel - I thought the Gear Up's were 2WD)
Bullet Electra & AVL Models / Re: Exhaust turning blue?
« Last Post by Blaqkfox on Today at 03:08:08 am »
So I installed that BSA muffler out of curiosity

I was surprised how restrictive the stock bullet muffler is... this photo is taken straight on. The tiny inside pipe is offset for some reason. Some engineer somewhere thought that was a good idea im sure.

The BSA exhaust also has some sort of baffling going on here, so I wasn't sure it would lean things out or not, but the openings are a bit bigger so I decided to try it...

I just used some more of my Honda CM parts I had laying around and an adapter pipe from the local auto parts store that I cut down and cut slits in so it could squeeze together. I didn't really care how it looked, this was just for testing purposes...

It took me FAR too long to get this to mount up with what I had on hand. I had to cut the slits in the BSA muffler deeper so the mounting bolt could reach the factory mounting spot. Even then I could only get one bolt in, which is a shame actually because the mounting holes are perfectly spaced for this to work, I just accidentally cut my adapter piece too short :(.

But it looks pretty decent I think!

Of course im going to improve the basket situation and clean it up looks wise. maybe remove the adapter pipe, they were really close in size, so maybe weld them together or figure something out that looks a little better there.

But the bike seems more happy with it and it sounds pretty good. Not that classic thump thump sound, but it sounds alright.

I had a hard time starting the bike, found out the spark plug was fowled from running it super rich after re-jetting the other day. Luckily I had one more plug on hand, so here's what the new plug looks like with only like 10 min of ride time.

A lot better looking than it was before I think. So I think the new muffler is leaning it out to a good point now. Ill have to put more run time on it to really say for sure. The ceramic on the plug is white on one side and black on the other so I can't really tell if its too rich or what yet. But happy to see progress!

1964 Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Gears on right side and brake on left. Bend pipe, short bottle, all original. Runs and drives. New gas tank and tool boxes. Kick start. Needs some work to make perfect. All around good bike.
$5500 cash
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Another Interceptor windshield thread
« Last Post by NVDucati on Today at 02:41:39 am »
I can see this have been written about in a few other older threads but I'm hoping for a bit more info and options than I have been able to find. I'm looking at this one:
for my interceptor, has anyone had any experience with it or the brand at all and can recommend or dissuade it? Or better still offer another great option that I can look at. The RE option doesn't excite me much and I'm not looking for a full fairing or cafe racer setup, just a reasonable sized shield to keep the wind off a bit.

What fun ... shopping for a windshield. There are a ton.5 options. I've had some from the Puig brand and they were just fine. Affordable and have decent brackets for "bar-mounted" units. I think the brackets matter as much or more than the actual screen. I hate wobbly windshields. Here is a sales site that shows a number of choices for Puig.
Getting affordable ones saves some trauma about ending up with some rejects on your shelf. ;)
The one you pointed out is about 13 " tall. Personally I think 20" is about the max size for a bar mounted screens for passing big trucks etc . :o
Let us know how it goes...
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