Author Topic: New Bloomberg article reviewing Royal Enfield's amazing 20 yr. growth  (Read 808 times)

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The article's title seems a bit off target to me, there's not a lot about competition with HD at all.  But an interesting and well written article that goes into some depth about exactly how RE was steered away from nearly being shut down in 1999 to its current, considerably stronger position, and some good photos from their production lines.

I don't know if anyone else says this, but something I say often is that RE is the HD of India!


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Interesting article. Certainly puts RE's strategy in western countries in context... their volume is tiny compared with the overall.

In its last financial year before the pandemic struck, the company sold about 824,000 bikes globally. Harley, by contrast, shipped about 218,000.

Lal wants to be as big a player in the West as possible, but he argues that Royal Enfield doesn’t necessarily have to sell that many bikes in developed countries for the strategy to be considered a success. What it does need to do is move enough to give them a patina of cool at home and in other emerging markets, such as Southeast Asia.

Also interesting that historically Enfield's survival depended on regulation and protectionism, where Brit manufacturers were devastated by imports.