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on: March 25, 2008, 03:31:37 am

For Immediate Release

Classic Motorcycle Association
Contact: Bob Hutchinson
9746 Tappenbeck Dr.
Houston, TX  77055
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713 467-6602

March 26, 2008


Dan Holmes' Underdog Bonneville Attack With Royal Enfield
500cc Bullet Motorcycle Gains Contributors, Supporters, Sponsors.

Setting a Bonneville speed record with a Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet motorcycle, considered by most in the motorcycle world to be underpowered for such endeavors, is a challenging goal -- and Dan Holmes is planning to do just that with his Bonneville Bullet.  He is gaining sponsors at home and abroad to help with his amazing quest. So far, the Royal Enfield factory, USA Enfield importer-distributor;  UK Enfield distributor; classic enthusiasts all over; various contributors and supporters; and motorcycle dealers are giving some support to his Bonneville Bullet Team as they try to beat the odds at Bonneville salt flats in September. Dan's Bonneville Bullet project is also supported as a first project of the newly formed Classic Motorcycle Association in Houston, Texas.

Dan says, "A spare motor from the Enfield factory in India, performance parts and components from Hitchcock's in the UK, and Classic Motorworks in the US, make the project much more do-able. We're even getting some international grassroots financial contribution help -- but  we need much more to make it to Bonneville with serious contender posture for the Bonneville Bullet and team."

Dan Holmes, age 52, an ex-Royal Enfield motorcycle dealer forced into early retirement with heart problems, now has better health with a pacemaker and is determined to take his team back in September to Bonneville and set a speed record.  This is Dan's second attempt  with a Royal Enfield 500cc Bullet motorcycle to set that speed record.  Dan's story is capturing the attention and admiration of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide with his grassroots underdog Bonneville speed record crusade.

During the week of August 31 - September 5, 2008, Dan Holmes of Goshen, Indiana, will arrive at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah once again with the Bonneville Bullet Team and  their Royal Enfield 500cc single cylinder Bullet. Dan and his team, considered to be underdogs,  seek best speed in class and ultimately intend to set one or more land speed records with this classic motorcycle that is historically considered to be  "underpowered."

After a successful career as the largest Royal Enfield dealer in the US and successful road race campaigns with his almost stock 500cc Royal Enfield single cylinder bike, Dan's team took on the mile high salt flats at Bonneville in 2002 as "new comers."  Dan's team overcame frustrations in learning the Bonneville "ropes"  in 2002, and qualified just short of a class record speed.

Dan's story and his return to Bonneville with his underdog Bonneville speed record crusade captures the attention and admiration of motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. Longtime motorcycle enthusiast Bob Hutchinson, president and founder of the International Wireless Industry Association, found Dan's quest to be a great project and catalyst for starting up an International Classic Motorcycle Association. Among the nonprofit Classic Motorcycle Association's first projects is gathering international support for Dan's Bonneville Bullet project.

Dan later encountered some setbacks, notably serious heart issues and the loss of a daughter to cancer. However, this year with health stabilized, he and his all-volunteer team are forging ahead on a shoestring budget with their 2008 Bonneville plans. Dan encourages all enthusiasts with interest in classic motorcycles to visit the Classic Motorcycle Association web and support this quest.

CMA is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to: Classic motorcycle: owners, riders, admirers, enthusiasts, dealers, baby boomer riders, weirdo's, nuts, ex riders, retired riders, want-a-bees. Classic, antique, vintage, recent, late model and new owners and aficionados browse and support endeavors at CMA. We invite you to share our classic motorcycle passions. See more - About CMA.

Although CMA provided some initial funding for the Bonneville Bullet project, Hutchinson commented, "This is really a grassroots project. The balance of financial support must come from classic motorcycle owners, enthusiasts, dealers, and industry sponsors. I urge all who are interested in motorcycles to come to the CMA web and support Dan's 2008 Bonneville Bullet Project."

More available at the Classic Motorcycle Association's webs:


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Reply #1 on: March 25, 2008, 03:15:23 pm
Sure. Kevin had an update in the newsletter he sent out last week and I think that there is also a link at the catalog site.

Still, the press release has more info than Kevin's update.

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Reply #2 on: March 26, 2008, 01:27:45 am
I'd be interested in knowing what the name of the class is the RE will be competing in, and what the current mark is he's trying to beat.