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Campfire Talk / Re: Sweden and California
« Last Post by Nitrowing on Today at 03:01:43 am »
Picking a good partner is challenging. It's very hard to dispassionately look at yourself and think objectively about your "object of desire". One solid caveat is that there has got to be something in it for both parties. Another is that you have to want to get along.
Yeah, I waited until I was 40. Met a woman who finally ticked all the boxes. We might have a rare flare up but 99% we're fine.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Oil Temperature Gauge
« Last Post by PrinceValiant on Today at 02:45:15 am »
Well, i live in the cold ......
Went out yesterday - ambient temp was 3-4 deg and the motor was lovely and warm to touch with my ungloved hands , thermo gun said heads were 50deg C .

My hands n body said brrrrrrrrrrr , so i agree in cold the cooler works !

And i haven't ridden in heavy traffic , is none in the sticks !
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: AEW 201 SLIP ONS
« Last Post by Jack Straw on Today at 02:29:48 am »
 +1 NVDucati

For my purposes I could not be more satisfied with the 201 silencers.  They are not ideal for the boy-racers but for that matter neither are these bikes.

Your remarks with respect to dyno test results are quite apt.  Dyno sheets appeal to a certain mind-set but it doesn't take a genius to realize that mfg. dyno results will ALWAYS reflect noticeable gains.  Over and over it's obvious that these tests mainly create opportunities for people who like to argue with paper.

BTW, I weighed the mufflers.  The pair of AEW items with baffles are 10.7.  The stockers are 21.6 lbs.   The difference in visual mass is huge.  I might have to buy the Hitchcock polished stainless headers to finish off this exhaust.

One last thing.....My TEC 2-1 is for sale.  PM if anyone is interested.

650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Who’s running the 16 tooth sprocket
« Last Post by Jon_98 on Today at 02:17:27 am »
I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains in western North Carolina. Twisties are my world. The 16 tooth has made a huge difference. I spent so much time shifting between 2nd, 3rd and 4th with the stock 15T, now I can practically live in 3rd gear except for the tightest hairpins or occasional straightaway.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Who’s running the 16 tooth sprocket
« Last Post by Starpeve on Today at 02:10:18 am »
The cam profile on the 650 is so mild that mine will pull without complaint from 2000 rpm in 6th...with the 16T sprocket.   It can't pull hard down that low, but compared to my Suzuki SV1K it's a veritable tractor.   The Suzuki won't have anything to do with any kind of throttling beyond maintenance on level road at 3000 and 4000 is minimum for full WOT.   I believe the Ducati's are much the same...when something is cammed, valved and ported to run to 11,000 rpm the flow just doesn't work well down so close to idle.

I've got the S&S cam ordered and am curious how it will affect the powerband.   Reports say it softens the bottom end below 3500 or so which makes total sense, but looking at the specs I'm thinking the motor will still be very happy to run at ridiculously low rpm without breaking a sweat.   Thinking about it I'm going to order the 17T just for S&G to see if it'll fit and how it runs once we fit it.   Might need a new longer chain but that's no problem...we'll have the stock one for a spare which is always nice to have. :)

Edit:  I just found a 17T-36 combination with chain on Ebay so it'll be on the way soon.   Having multiple sprocket options we'll be able to see how it handles different combinations.   If we want to sneak up on the increases we don't have to jump to the tallest gearing straight away....we'll see how it goes once the package gets here.
Excellent! You should get away with the same chain if you’re reducing the rear and fitting the 17 to the front. Can’t wait for the feedback!👍
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: AEW 201 SLIP ONS
« Last Post by whippers on Today at 02:09:50 am »
Jack you make a strong argument. Especially in the case of these bikes where less weight and no cats can only help and there is no prospect of substantial performance gains without more work anyway.

There are many different options and approaches to those bikes. Some will spend megabucks building an 850 whilst others will choose only the least expensive mods in keeping with the bikes modest price.

There is no right answer. I am only offering my personal view which is that I have a bias towards performance products which have some data behind them.

Everyone is free to do whatever works for them. 
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: adjusting chain snail tensioner
« Last Post by gizzo on Today at 02:08:06 am »
Thanks 😂
Tech Tips / Re: my bullet 500 and some questions
« Last Post by Richard230 on Today at 01:57:58 am »
I kind of hate to bring the subject of oil up as everyone hates an oil thread. But I am still scratching my head as to why RE and many other motorcycle manufacturers call for "semi-synthetic" 15W-50 grade oil and not full synthetic oil. All of the articles that I have read say that no one really knows how much synthetic oil is in a semi-synthetic oil. It would seem to me that using full synthetic oil and extending the oil change interval after the engine breaks-in would make more sense from both an environmental and economic viewpoint. Apparently modern synthetic oils provide very good and long-lasting lubrication and there are plenty of them made just for motorcycles on the market.
650 Twin - Interceptor/GT / Re: Who’s running the 16 tooth sprocket
« Last Post by whippers on Today at 01:57:25 am »
Please tell us how the cam goes. I am interested in that but maybe with hi comp pistons to compensate for losing the bottom.

Also to those with 16 how is fuel economy same or even better?
Bullet with the UCE engine / Re: New tyres question
« Last Post by Richard230 on Today at 01:48:50 am »
I was thumbing through my huge Clymer BMW airhead service manual today and in the front of the book it lists the BMW recommended air pressures for various model years for speeds up to 100 mph. 1970-1973 rider only: 30 psi front/33 psi rear, when carrying a passenger: 33 psi front/38psi rear.  1974-1976 rider only: 30 psi front/31 psi rear, when carrying a passenger: 31 psi front/35 psi rear.  1977-1987 rider only 27 psi front/29 psi rear, when carrying a passenger 30 psi front/32 psi rear. 1988-on (up to the speed limit - no speed mentioned) rider only: 31 psi front/36 psi rear, when carrying a passenger: 34 psi front/41 psi rear.

It is interesting how the recommended tire pressures varied over the various model years. I can't recall if the 1988-on models used tubeless tires, but I am pretty sure that the previous years used tube-type bias-ply tires, although the later models may have dispensed with the tubes. I know that my daughter's 1981 R65LS has cast wheels but tubes were required in that model.
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