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on: January 05, 2023, 08:58:23 pm
Version 2.4.2 build (17) will be the last version of the Power Core version 2 software. This
version of software, specifically C3, will continue to work as the previous build did. This means
all users will have access to all calibration variables, map editing, and configurability for all
Dynojet EFI tuning devices.
This software will expire on January 7, 2023.
Power Core 3.0 is currently available for download as a Beta test software. This software will
continue to be available in Beta form to all users until January 7, 2023, where it will become the
release version of software.
Power Core 3.0 requires users to have Windows 10 or newer operating system on their
computer, and to log into the software to gain access and use C3, Dynojet’s calibration and map
editing software. The log in will not work with Windows operating system versions prior to
Windows 10. Power Core 3.0 will have two types of user levels, Basic and Pro. Basic is available
to all users in all markets and allows access to a reasonable amount of commonly used
calibration variables. Pro is available to Dynojet Authorized Dealers in the U.S, and may be
available other users outside of the U.S. Pro requires a permission to be established on our
server and once active will allow users to access additional calibration variables. Please contact
your RSM (Regional Sales Manager) at any time in preparation for the next software release on
January 7, 2023 to activate this permission. Users outside the U.S. may contact their respective
Dynojet distributor for this permission, or Dynojet directly for more information using the
following email: