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on: March 28, 2024, 11:43:57 pm
linhai/yamaha, appears to have been parked since 2012. 330 lbs, 18 hp, >70mph. about a mile away from my house. opinions?
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Reply #1 on: March 29, 2024, 02:13:14 am
Scooters are pretty cool. Big scooters are surprisingly street competent. There is a "Big Rukus" hiding under that plastic bodywork if it is just too crunchy to save!  ;D  The knee-high CG is a real plus IMHO. Check with Linhai & make sure you can get CDI bits and piston rings. I hear Torque converter drive belts last between 4K & 12k? miles, so I guess it depends on the rider. Offer $100 and get a husky boy to drag it home for you.  ;)

Info from 2009ish-
05-19-2008, 09:43 AM
Anyone looking for a QUALITY Chinese scoot (didn't think "quality" & "Chinese" went together, did you? LOL), look at the Linahi 300. It is totally produced by Linhai and sold in Europe for the past few years as the Linhai Mainstreet 300. Here in the U.S. it is imported and distributed by Sunright, International and has been badged as the Diamo Turista 300, SuperStrada 300 and Aeolus 300. Linhai partnered with Yamaha several years ago and builds some parts and bikes for them. If you know about the quality differences between Chinese bikes and the name brand offerings, one look will tell you that Linhai sure has benefitted from their association with Yamaha. The frame is high quality, welds are professional, materials are better quality.
The Linhai 300 is a performance modded version of the Linahi 260. The 260 is based on the European Yamaha YP250. The base engine (260) is a 257 cc horizontal engine. Both the LInhai 260 and 300 share the same chassis but the body style of the 300 is unique, not a clone of anything. The engine in the 300 is bumped up to 275 cc with a 4-valve head and other engine mods to match. The Linhai/Yamaha variator uses 8 weights and both the variator and clutch have been tuned to make the most of the 275 engine's performance. Wheels/tires are high profile 12" with wheelbase at 60". This is a maxiscooter that weighs in at 370 lbs. - about 30-40 pounds more than the typical Chinese maxi. Performance is strong with no dead spots in acceleration and will top out at 75-80 mph. Consumption is 60+ mpg.
In '06, Sunright brought over a ton of these scoots for a major "dealer" who went belly up. They were originally priced from $3.5-4K. Very few folks would spring for that much on an unknown, unproven Chinese scoot. The flood of CFMoto powered 250s hit the U.S. market the same year and sold for $1-1.5K less. By the Winter of '06-07, price was dropped. You can now get a leftover '06 drop shipped for as little as $2600. The '08s have just come in this month with no changes except for a pillion seat backrest and a $500+ price increase. There are less than 300 of the '06 models remaining.
On we now have almost a dozen members with either the 260 or 300. No major problems like you hear about with the typical cheap Chinese scoot. One issue: Since these scoots have sat around in the warehouse with Chinese antifreeze in them (VERY POOR corrosion inhibitor additives), there will be some internal cooling system corrosion. At the initial run, it may cause the temp. gauge to peg because of a partial blockage or stuck thermostat. This is fairly easily dealt with by draining coolant, flushing and refill with 50/50% mixture of good antifreeze.
This scoot has the styling of a sport bike and great handling. Pics on websites don't do justice to it's style. Dealers we support at ScootDawg are: and
Displacement   275.0 ccm (16.78 cubic inches)
Engine type   Single cylinder, four-stroke
Power   18.8 HP (13.7 kW)) @ 6500 RPM
Torque   23.0 Nm (2.3 kgf-m or 17.0 ft.lbs) @ 5500 RPM
Top speed   125.5 km/h (78.0 mph)
Bore x stroke   72.5 x 66.8 mm (2.9 x 2.6 inches)
Fuel system   Carburettor
Fuel control   Single Overhead Cams (SOHC)
Ignition   CDI
Cooling system   Liquid
Gearbox   Automatic
Transmission type   Belt (final drive)
Driveline   CVT

Frame type   High strength steel pipes, underbone type
Front suspension   Telescopic fork
Rear suspension   Dual shocks
Front tire   110/90-12
Rear tire   130/70-12
Front brakes   Single disc. Hydraulic
Rear brakes   Single disc. Hydraulic
Wheels   Aluminium alloy cast rim
I am pretty much of the opinion that if you can find a used one cheap with reasonable miles, that doesn't look like it's been beat to death, then it is absolutely worth it. I don't find myself wanting more power (it's 275cc) very often and even with 275cc I don't get on the interstates hardly at all. See that thread for more info on the 300. Cheap, reliable fun- and with a nice set of Michelins- a blast to ride- very stable and sure of itself- except on wet grass. :eek!
There is a little known secret about buying Linhai scooters. Since they don't have an extensive dealership network setup yet, you get to deal directly with the importer/distributor. And the parts are noticeably cheaper than any dealer. I mean the part prices are reasonable to begin with, but take away the dealer profit on top of that and it feels like you are buying parts back in 1980. Maybe that's cause you're getting them at dealer cost? That is real nice. And there have been times they sent stuff for free, covering it anyway under warranty- even though it is long ago lapsed. It's a mixed bag, dealing with the distributor. They are not real responsive to email, but will get things done if you call them. is this thing a Linhai or a Yamaha? I see these on craigslist and people get on there and say THIS IS NOT A YAMAHA!!! What's the deal?
It is not a "pure" Yamaha, no. Linhai put the quality where it mattered the most- in the engine. But check this out, for all those that want to understand exactly Yamaha's involvement with Linhai- from Yamaha's own website:
Yamaha owns 50% of one branch of Linhai- the one that makes scooter and other engines. Linhai has been building engines for Yamaha for years and years.
Also more here: yamaha profile.html
So those of you with a Majesty, lookout. Linhai probably built your engine! :rofl:eek1
Oh, the shame!

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