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350 J Platform / Hunter sometimes not starting
« Last Post by Mikespirou on Today at 11:04:12 am »
Hi guys and girls
I’ve been having intermittent starting problems with my Hunter

The bike is just over a year old with close to 4,000 km

Sometimes when I try to start the engine it doesn’t crank it makes a clicking sound as if the battery is flat

I checked the battery voltage it’s always around 12.5v even when I try to start it it never falls bellow 12v
When the engine is running the charging voltage it’s close around 14v
I checked the battery terminals and starter terminals if they are tight it all seems good

I’m thinking it could be the relay that feeds the starter motor does anyone know where it’s located?

Or has anyone had this experience

As I said the bike starts
It’s only sometimes that I have this problem

Thanks I’m waiting for your input on this
650 Interceptor & Continental GT / Re: Tail light
« Last Post by deadbat on Today at 10:37:05 am »
Hey everyone.

So... well it is sorted.

Last week I just had a couple of hours, and around Thursday I went to the garage to do a "light check".

Also my old man was around (he's been around electricity all is life, and made is living repairing appliances, and all sorts of stuff), so I asked him to give me a hand and see if we could sort it out.

I checked the battery, and the voltage with the bike off and on was stable and within parameters.

Then we did an "easy earth check" with a multimeter, red on the battery, black on the frame, and got an easy stable reading, so basically the earth connection was good.

I checked the light connector under the seat, took it off, did some light cleaning (well, I blew on it a bit), and put it back together. No dirt, no dust, no grime, nothing. One thing that I saw was that the wire that connected to the tail light was stuck between the fender and the frame, next to the right shock, and it was really stuck. The wire was bent quite badly.
Sort it out with a zip tie.

I finally checked the tail light. I took the bulb out, checked the socket, and it seemed nice and clean, but I saw something i didn't see before, what looked like dirt between the socket and the reflector. Oxidation. But the inside of the socket was good.

Then my old man picked up a screwdriver, put a cloth around it, and he sort of lightly scratched the contacts... I closed everything, turned the bike on, the light came up, and it's been running great ever since...

Well it's sorted, can't say if it had something to do with the stuck wire, or just the contacts...

I sort of feel stupid, but I learned a few things from the old man. I just have to pay more attention to the little details, like the bent wire, and even if it's simple and silly, if I have done it already, do it and check it again just in case!

Thank you, guys, for the replies, suggestions and tips.

Great result, thanks for the updates.
650 Interceptor & Continental GT / Re: Tail light
« Last Post by Bumbo on Today at 10:16:21 am »
Check the wiring harness under the rear mud guard
Wrong forum. Please ask this in the UCE forum, which you will see higher up the main page.

This forum is strictly for people to offer hints and tips, not to ask questions.
350 J Platform / Re: First-service observations
« Last Post by Curious wanderer on Today at 08:50:39 am »
Glad to hear you are getting the same result. Now our next concern may be around the fact that the shocks do seem to soften up, but how long will it be before they become too soft and start bottoming out?

I guess the preload settings might need to come into play at some point, as mine is still on the lowest. Always riding solo.
Still not hitting the bump stops at 10,375 miles 😂
650 Interceptor & Continental GT / Re: 100,000km
« Last Post by Yinzer on Today at 06:43:09 am »
42,000 Km here and doing fine ;D
My RE is a keeper
Going any taller is likely to cause turbulence. The height of your current setup is just about perfect for the Interceptor. I have something very similar and love it.
Wanted / Re: Pre-Unit Models for sale
« Last Post by AzCal Retred on Today at 05:01:53 am »
(Post 2000 ish, 4 speed, LH shift, TLS front brake)

Royal Enfield 500ES - $1,000 (Van Nuys)

Purchased this bike from a neighbor of a friend. It had not run in ages. We installed a new battery and it fired up no problem but runs rough. Mechanic thinks it needs to have the carbs cleaned and the coil replaced. The PO has not been able to find the title so this will need to be lien saled. I can get the paperwork for you at a nominal additional cost but I need to get this out of my shop. Easy project for someone who has some time on their hands.

650 Interceptor & Continental GT / Re: 2022 INT650 For Sale
« Last Post by Landisr on Today at 03:33:50 am »
Hi, DW.  Bill will be home tomorrow and is looking forward to coffee on Monday.  Are you available?

You wanted to imply that only E10 had been sold in India, 10 years prior to my motorcycle being built and when i added facts to support what i said earlier, you don't like it.

I said that MY Royal Enfield motorcycle was running E10 for years before yours left the factory, and that E5 was being sold in India, years before it was built as well.

What YOU said was:

It is clear that my motorcycle predates E10 fuel.

Clearly E10 pre-existed your motorcycle.  By decades!

A good restart would simply 1) Show what it IS, 2) State what it DOES, and 3) State HOW ya'll think it works.  If you guys elect to start over, people will find it much more convincing if the user group and inventor are making non-contradicting claims.  Try to choose evidence that supports the claims and avoid presenting evidence that is irrelevant.

Be aware that India uses the RON method to calculate octane, while the USA uses the AKI system.
87 AKI = 91 RON.
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