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411 & 450 Himalayan & Scram / fuel line quick release
« Last Post by Thislldo on Today at 08:02:12 am »
Needing to remove the fuel tank on my 2019 Himmy, I was unable to detatch the "quick release" connection of the hose to the base of the tank. I tried compressing the tab on each side of the connector but cannot detach the hose.
So I had to disconnect the other bit and manouver the tank to a position that enabled me to do the job.
So, any hints on how to get the connector to disconnect?
Looking at Hitchcocks list I can see that a new fuel delivery pipe is not cheap. I have not examined the connection at the fuel injector end and realise that may be some kind of special connection. In line quick release connectors are available. Might it be possible to use such an item with conventional fuel hose?
350 J Platform / Hard to edit !
« Last Post by Flashdan on Today at 08:00:03 am »
Is it just me or is posting on this forum hard to edit, some how I managed to post two pictures instead of one and in case anybody asks yes I was sober ! ;D
350 J Platform / Re: 48mm Voltmeter?
« Last Post by Flashdan on Today at 07:46:29 am »
This is my second version.
350 J Platform / Re: 48mm Voltmeter?
« Last Post by Flashdan on Today at 07:35:53 am »

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on: February 27, 2024, 01:50:54 PM
I’ve made use of the redundant hole where the RE badge is, I didn’t want or feel the need for a rev counter and of course there’s the cost ! I fitted a cheap voltmeter by drilling out the centre of the badge but the only downside is it removes the centre where the retaining screw fits, I am fortunate to have a 3D printer so I made a cage with a nut in the bottom to retain it. I’m sure you can wrap some insulation tape around the modified badge to secure it in place. I must point out that it’s a real “ball ache” to get at the screw but Hitchcocks Rev counter fitting instructions deal with this. I took the feed from the accessory plug in the headlamp but this only works when the engine is running.
350 J Platform / Re: Thank you
« Last Post by beanbean50 on Today at 07:12:30 am »
Here's my take on it.

The US national debt stands at an eye-watering $34 Trillion and increasing sharply ($1 Trillion every 100 days in interest alone)

Totally unsustainable.

I think they are pouring money (that they don't have) into places like Ukraine,Taiwan and Israel (they even gave $10 Billion to Iran recently) stirring things up hoping to trigger a world war, which they assume would wipe the slate clean on the debt.
650 Interceptor & Continental GT / Bar-end mirrors with hand guards
« Last Post by BlackdogADV on Today at 06:55:22 am »
I’m trying to figure out the best way to do this.  Rottweiler makes a kit for an easy install but do I need to spend $200?  Give me some ideas.

350 J Platform / Re: Touring vs Normal Seat?
« Last Post by indibiker on Today at 05:55:55 am »

Would be keen to know your experience once you have it installed.

Yesterday, I took a 350-kilometer round trip with the new seat cushion installed on my 2022 classic 350 bike.

Initially, the stock seats on my bike were comfortable when they were new. However, after two years of use, they lost their comfort, making long rides exhausting. I often experienced fatigue and pain in my tailbone muscles, which made frequent breaks necessary.

With the new seat cushion, the discomfort and fatigue in my tailbone (Coccyx) were significantly reduced. This allowed me to cover more kilometers with fewer breaks and feel less tired at the end of the ride compared to using the old stock seats.

I noticed that my tailbone muscles recovered more quickly when using this seat cushion, and the fatigue didn't linger between breaks.

I liked the extra height the cushion added to the seats, and it stayed securely in place during the ride. The shape of the cushion perfectly matched the classic seat.

This cushion seat, for me, have served their purpose: more distance with fewer and less frequent breaks.
A little frostier than I would have preferred -- please try to fix that next time.

Seriously, a well planned ride. Enjoyed it, and good to meet all of you.

Campfire Talk / Re: Turbo roundabout
« Last Post by AzCal Retred on Today at 04:06:47 am »
Video really starts at about min. #5, before that it's just bragging. I REALLY don't want to spend my time poised over the controls, ready to stop my automagic car from killing me. I prefer to see THAT idiot in the mirror, engaged & driving the car his own self.

You Won’t Believe What Tesla’s FSD V12.3 Does in Roundabouts
Great meeting you , Mike. We had a great ride today.
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