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Author Topic: My 10,000 km report on my Canadian C5 Military.  (Read 867 times)


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My 10,000 km report on my Canadian C5 Military.
« on: September 12, 2010, 10:57:35 pm »
With a couple of beers into me, time to let it out.

Short version: I love it.  Long version below....

Issues.  I wasn't expecting a feat of engineering marvel, but I was expecting a little more quality.  I mean, seriously, they've been building these things since the dawn of time.  The engine is lovely, but the chassis is uttter crap.  I'm not talking geometry or stability here, I'm talking fit and finish.  The F*&%ing enamel wears off at a glance.  The seals, on the airbox especially and the fuse box less so, are, to be polite, shoddy.  I have grit on the INSIDE of my airbox.  I shudder to think what's inside the engine. I've read the threads on this and will get a screen in there shortly.

The speedo cable snapped at 7.700 km, although well-lubed.  Replaced with the Nfield Gear item (quicker than going to my dealer - more on that later).

I was disappointed in the lack of kick-start.  See, my dealer (rant at the end) posted pics of a kick-start version on their website.  Wanting one of these bikes for a long, long time, I pre-ordered.  My dealer also told me all the pretty colours were already sold and the only thing left was the Military.  OK, fine, I'm buying the bike, not the colour, but they charged me $100 more for the consideration.  When I eventually saw all the UNSOLD models from the initial shipment,I should have known right then I'd ben had...

The set-up was horrible.  I had the thing in my driveway maybe three minutes before the tools were out.  Once the handlebars and controls were arranged in a manner that a human could ride, and not an orangutan, I was feeling pleased.

The gas cap leaks like a sieve.

My dealer gave me the wrong bike.  Not the wrong model - the wrong bike.  The VIN on my insurance (based on my pre-order)  the VIN on my ownership (based on what I actually got) don't match.  My insurance compay ASSURES me this is not a problem.  They tell me I'm still covered.  I have not the slightest doubt their tune will change in the event of a claim.

Okay,people, you need to leave me alone now.  Some bikes attract attention.  I get  that.  Hey, I see a sweet bike or a beautiful hotrod car and I'll say, "Nice ride!", give a thumbs up and move along.  Don't f*&%$ing ask me questions WHILE I'M RIDING!!!  Like, WTF?? My absolute favourite was the octogenarian Scottish lady I found (caught!) stooped over, examining my wheels.  "I was lewkin' at yer tyres, tae' make sure thae w're British!"  LOL

I get 30-35 kim/litre in the riding I do, mainly secondary routes in the 80-90 km/hr range.  Better than the claimed 85 mpg.

The NField Gear Mudflap is a must-have.  I recently finished an 800 km trip in the rain - and for the first time in my twenty-plus years of riding I didn't have mud streak up my back.

I have an intermittent misfire after 10,000 km.  I never had a misfire before on any of my bikes, and I actually thought it was trying to seize, but a mechanic friend told me it's just missing.  I gave it a look-see, and it's running fine now.  Probably something clogging the fuel line.  The MIL did not light up.  Did I mention I saw rust inside the tank?  With all that gas getting out, water must surely be getting in. The plug, on examination, is whitish, running a bit lean, but nothing horrible.  I regapped it and it's all good for the moment.

My dealer presented it to me with a 10-40 semi-synth inside.  It leaked horribly through the breather, into the airbox, and out that ridiculous "seal" directly onto my pipe, where it smoked and burned.  I've gone to a 15-40 full synth - problem eradicated.  No catch-can involved.

Bluing on the pipe I expected.  It's a single FFS!  Browning on the exhaust I did not expect.  Just  behind the heat shield, just below the rear axle, my exhaust is hideously burned.  No, it wasn't from the oil - the oil left its burn stains in the inside of the pipe.  Still uncertain on the cause of this.

Stability. It's good!   I read the stability threads with great interest  (awesome fix BTW!).  I do have an occasional unusual corkscrewing sensation above 110 km/h, but it's minor.  I'll give the "BSA Fix" soon.  In any event, I'm not concerned about it.  It's minor.  The twitchiness on the front is just steering angle.  It's all good.

Oh, steering.  Holy Mother of God, Batman.  It's no speed-demon, but by the Gods can she steer!

The tires (Avon Roadmasters - "I was lewkin' at yer tyres t' mak shoor thae were British!").  Awesome on asphalt, scary on gravel, and downright dangerous on mud, or hardpack after a rain.  My opinion may be biased here.  I rode dual-sports for years and might be used to better in the rough.  On a hard-pack road (after a rain) recently, I had to crawl through in first gear for most of the way.  It just wanted to slide under power. 

Oh, yes.  My dealer.  Motoretta in Toronto.  I don't think they have their stuff together on the REs yet.  Actually, I don't think their problem is REs.  But it could just be my experience. 

My, my, I do go on.  I'm sure I let a lot of negativity out there, but my overall impression is positive.  I love this bike.  It's less than I expected in many ways, yes, but it's more in others.  When I bought it I told myself, "This is my last bike - the one I keep to the end." 

THAT opinion has not changed.   ;D

2010 C5 Military - "The Slug"